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Need some help improving


Senior Don Juan
Dec 29, 2017
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40 years old and looking for advice. I found this board in 2002 and it helped me immensely with women but this is more of a question on improving my relationships with people in general. I am an introvert.. genuinely love spending time alone. I workout, hunt, fish, play golf, swim, run 10ks and hike... which are all solitary activities. My problem is I don’t have strong relationships with anyone around me. I rarely let anyone get close to me and really don’t know how to change this ? I am on a vacation with my friends and realize they are all closer to each other than me... it’s almost like I’m an afterthought. Growing up I wasn’t a great friend to any of my mates... looking back I was actually a horrible friend. I would use them and hang out when I felt like it and then vanish when I felt like being alone. I no longer communicate with my best friends from high school because overtime I sort of slow faded them out of my life. I have changed with this group.. but would like to continue to build the friendships and grow my social circle.... also become more like able....


Don Juan
Nov 23, 2020
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Upstate New York
Well first off it sounds to me like you actually have a lot going on which is what women want. They want to be with guys that do stuff. Pretty much everything you listed (maybe not hunting and fishing) women will do with you. Hiking is an ideal first or second date. Also if you do all that you are probably in good shape.

You need to work on your social skills and just get more of a positive mindset. Look into meetup.com and join some groups. That’s a great way to meet people with similar interests and it can really help you become more confident.

Where do you stand on dating? Do you date? Do you approach women? Have you considered OLD? If you give more details as to where you are at with dating I think the forum will be able to help you better.