Mystery Method Master Series-CD Interview V. 4

Jan 16, 2006
Los Angeles
Mystery Method Master Series-CD Interview V. 4

Future and Ajax on Timebridging and Day 2s
Approx. Running Time-60+ Mins.

Congratulations, you got the date! Yippeeeee! Now what? Actually, slow down there, champ. We don't date, we Day 2.
Just calling it a date could jinx the whole thing, in my opinion. It's outdated and AFC and you don't want to be her
girlfriend.(but if you do want to be her gf, rent "Beaches"- I hear it's fabulous!) So....reframe, call it day 2. You are the
interviewer and she is the potential job candidate. She is there to tag along and share your exciting life with you-Not use you
for a free meal. I wonder if you can make her want the job even more. Comfort will accomplish this. You've already
attracted her, but now she needs to see the "real" you. Not the "Lord of the Alpha Males" from "The Planet of the Dancing
Monkeys" Perhaps I'm being a bit goofy, but this is a fun interview and the humor is infectious. This is the point in the M3
Model where we are starting to slow it down. Think of it like this; We've been pushing and pulling her all these different
ways, then busting her down a few notches with "Negs" and the like, disqualifying her as a potential partner-in-crime, and
just generally being a challenge. Up to this point, we are so far ahead of her that, we naturally have to let her catch up to us.
After all, she jumped through our hoops, took the bait, complied, and qualified herself to us, so...fair is fair. She has now
won us over and it's time to be nice, or at least, nicer.

Ok, so I rambled a little. This is where I tell you about Future and Ajax, our humble narrators. There is much to learn, and
they have much to teach. This is what you can look forward to when you get this interview. You are now in the comfort
zone, you are effectively planning the next meeting, and eliminating "The Flake Factor." If you aren't immediately
instant-dating, you will learn how to use "callback tactics" to re-warm her to the idea of meeting up again-Day 2. These will
be most necessary if too much time elapses since the initial meeting. Next we learn how to actually structure the Day 2;
Ideas for activities are includedand the golden rules is-Be prepared in an original way. An immense amount of time is spent
on "attitude and vibe." You still maintain the upper hand by qualifying, challenging, push-pull and testing for compliance,
but in a gentler way. Here is the time to ground your identity further and show your softer, more vulnerable side. This is
"Rapport Game" and "Comfort is King" at this stage because we know what's coming soon, don't we? Hint: It's not mini-golf.

In the long run, alot of area is covered and lots of loose ends are tied up. There's pieces here that could have been included earlier, i.e., in-depth kino strategies, but they are here, adding value to the entire interview series. Really no complaints on
this one but, I'm thinking about building an acoustically sound, vocal isolation booth and sending it to Mystery Method. The sound could be much better and fuller; The hum has to go.

*Now moving more into the Comfort Phase-Attraction has been firmly established, you are now getting her more
comfortable with you.
*Structuring Day 2s-Be prepared in an original way.
*Don't change her mind, change her emotions-logic never works.
*You never actually stop flipping her attraction switches. After time passes, you may have to reboot the original interaction,
Day 2s can happen much later than the original meeting.
*Testing for compliance, qualifying, challenging, push-pull
*Banishing flakes from your life (Praise Gawd!)
*Where to slot more Grounding and Identity routines.
*Kino Strategies
*Building Comfort and Trust