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my log

suave sauce

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Oct 5, 2015
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I decided that from now on im going to keep a log of how each week has been in terms of becoming a DJ. I discovered the sosuave site about a month ago and since it has had a pretty great impact. Before I had low self esteem and my confidence was shot. I just got out of a LTRS a few months ago and I partially blamed that for why I was like that. But the last month I have been at an all time high in life. Im starting on the varsity team for football, im starting to connect back with the friends I had before I got into a relationship and my confidence has well met my expectations. But anyways in the last couple weeks I've gone out with a couple chicks but I've yet had sex. I know this is probably not a good enough excuse but I find that its hard to talk to chicks at school see in how there just wanting to get from class to class. Im probably just being a p##$# about it. One problem is that I am scared to get rejected by girls at my school because ill have to see them everyday. I would like some imput.