My “NO CONTACT” experience. If you been dumped read THIS.


Don Juan
Jul 6, 2020
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My father was always good to me. I had a father, but he never taught me about girlfriends.

When I was 18, I had my life planned. In love with a 10/10. Her family took me as if I’m their child and my family took her in as if I’m her child. 3 1/2 years. Never cheated on her, nothing, we loved together
Towards the end... she started telling me “I need some space”... I was hurt, unanswered, devastated.. etc..

This happened about 4 times towards the end of us.
See when I wrote texts, emails, how much I love her, miss her, etc... she wouldn’t respond. When I stopped for a week or two, she would text me if I’m ok, etc. When I started after break ups, not texting her or anything, she’s text right away if I’m ok, which is ignore.
She would come to my house and knock on the door late at night in tears, and when I’d forgive her and we’d have sex and talk, she’s pull away again.

Down the line, basically she dated other guys, and when I came around she would break up with them to have sex with me.

Why NO CONTACT works. It’s simple. When a girl breaks up with you, her high level goes up. If you plead, try to talk, it keeps it up, you just raised her to a new standard. No matter how tough it is. You tell her “I agree” when she breaks up with you. It does not matter for what reason.

They try to come with “let be friends you’re nice”... you tell them “lol that’s cool and all but I already have plenty of girls that are friends.. anyways gotta go”...

Don’t do begging, pleading, bargaining, explaining... nothing!!!!

They can not have that drug. See when you say that, no matter what situation, you must understand this female spent weeks preparing herself how to let you DOWN... so all her thoughts and effort in that period, were responded to by “I agree”... “I already have to many girls that are friends lol”....

so she invested her last energy on how to break up with you, and you took it away...

women over think this **** because all they think about is their value.

So picture her; few weeks she checked out of the relationship and has been looking for a chance to tell you like her throat is against a sharp knife... she finally tells you, she just took this hit of a drug... and you say “I agree”....

So all her time thoughts feelings etc... she throws it out and all she gets is “I agree”...

Once that MSG is sent, you block her number, FB, etc...

Go cry, go drink, go punch walls... just don’t let nobody see it, especially not her. At first she will be mad for no response, try to call you, number blocked, go to your FB or IG or whatever, she’s blocked... then she will turn to her friends. They will want to figure out a way to know what you’re thinking, how did you say you agree. Bottom line, she will just think about YOU!...

So if you are broken up with, swallow your words and type “I agree”, or if I’m person smile and say “I agree”... that’s IT!

Then they chase you. Now this doesn’t work if you hit the woman, and stuff.
But I figured that no contact 10 years ago, by naturally after a week of chasing, bad silly saying “idgaf “.

No contact is very important, but a lot of guys google it and think they can just use no contact and get a chick back.

what you’re really do is “radio silence”.
No contact means, you agree with what she says, and you have no reasons to keep her in your life. Only reason to have her around is to have sex with her..

DO not use no contact to get an ex back. Forget YouTube and books these weird dirt balls want to sell you.
No contact is literally “you done with me? I agree cause I don’t waste time on someone done with me, and if I’m not a man ****ing your, I don’t need any contact with you”...

that’s it means literally. That’s this your value above hers alone.

If you looking to do “no contact”, and you’re stressing about how to block, what if she this, that, blah blah... you’re still thinking about her, she has the power not you. She wants a man with power and you don’t got it. Your power is telling her you agree for the break up, and cut of contact because she has no more value to you. Whe she wants this value, you tell her she’s welcome to give you a BJ, sleep with you, but that’s it. When she does that, she will talks about “us”... you just chuckle and say there isn’t “us”...

put a picture in your brain of her being a ***** you paid for to have sex with and ending her in her way...that’s the point of no contact, not for the reason for a chick to come back and you live happily ever after... you never will!

man up boys!