Money is how you have sex with the top 5% of women


Master Don Juan
Jun 18, 2013
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Obviously wearing nice clothes, driving a nice car, building a great body, and developing great game are necessities but why do so many guys avoid the golden rule?


Assuming you have your health and fitness in check, have good style, and develop a good social circle along with strong inner game that comes from years of expeirjcr with women...the more money you make the hotter women you will have access to.

My advice for a young dj? Get a sales job and throw yourself into it. Don’t kill yourself but put in a good 40-50 hours a week.

You want to **** 9’s? Sell like your life depended on it. Become a top guy in the company. Assuming you are reasonably attractive, you shouldn’t have any issue dating the top 5% of women Unless your game sucks