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Money and Women!


Master Don Juan
Sep 16, 2005
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I have seen that recently the subject of money is a dispute here on sosuave. I have not posted a new thread in a while but I have some thoughts on this one and I hope I will find other people with the same opinion here, although most of you seem to either think money gets women and the other side thinks that money is almost irrelevant with women.

Making money should have nothing to do with women. Sure with enough approaches you could get a hot girlfriend. Having more money does not guarantee a hotter girlfriend. What it does guarantee though is that you can go and do what you like more.

I like going to bars and clubs and for that I need money as I tend to go out very often and have many drinks and I would hate to have to stop at one beer if I feel I would like another one.

I like having nice clothes lately, as my work requires it and I also enjoy going out with a tie and nice shoes, nothing really expensive, it just makes me stand out from the crowd.

I smoke a lot and that does cost money, but I work and I satisfy my need.

I like visiting as many places as I can, I like the beach, the mountain and everything in between and for that I also need money. Also I follow my favorite football team as often as I have the chance.

I like to spin girls and date as many women as possible and although I don't pay for her part of the date, I don't have a car, live in a dorm and don't have have basically any possessions other than my clothes and my computer women like me, and not only the college girls, but also the career women that seek a man with as much financial stability as possible.
I would not go on dates if I could not afford it. So I work for me, to have fun, if for my fun I like to have sex with women that is another story.

These are just some examples of things that make my life fun, and yes, the more I do them, the more I have fun in a social environment the more chances I have to meet new and interesting women.

If you like to do things that require money then work hard and make it. If you are satisfied with your current needs then fvck it, don't lie to yourself and work hard just so that some gold digger will like you. Day game does not require money.


Master Don Juan
Aug 6, 2009
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A very hot girl once explained the money thing to me like this:
"Women like men with a good career, not because they like the money, but because it shows that the guy has his act together."

Money can help because if you have a nice house you can take her back to, that's just one more thing to impress her. But if she's just looking for a quick lay, I don't think money is much help - money is more of an aid for acquiring long term relationships.

Tony T

Don Juan
May 21, 2009
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A Wealthy Business man (who started with $500 bucks and a truck and amazed a fortune in the $100's of millions) was interviewed once asked the question:

"What does it feel like to have money?"

His Response was:
"It Helps...!"


Don't kid yourself, women like a man with a Flashy Car, Expensive Clothes and Toys. It shows them that he can have a REAL good Time...and maybe she can get invited along on his FUN trips.

Men with wealth have more options than men without.

If you can get the money, GET IT!


PS. You can get plenty of women without money,...but its hard to keep um without it. Like the Wealthy business man said above...."It Helps!"


Master Don Juan
Mar 16, 2008
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an island
If a woman values money more then looks a wealthy man will be more valuable then a good looking man in her eyes. So it really depends on the woman.

If you're trying to impress women with money then you're going to attract a woman who values money highly. Thats sometimes bad news for starters because if a person needs money to be happy it means they'll constantly need it. Its different to a person who has money because he was a success in his career.


Master Don Juan
Apr 24, 2002
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monrovia, CA
why should I expect a woman to not give a damn about something, when hell, I GIVE A DAMN ABOUT IT.

we hold women to a different standard then we hold ourselves to.

Do I like money? you are damn right. But It's not a necessity.

I have a little bit of money. I started another business but I dont' ahve to work if I chose not to. I work becuase I love what I do.

More than anything, with a woman who has her **** in order, it's not per say the money, but there are certain traits that people with money have, that people that do not value or have money don't have, athare attractive.

People who have money are usually (gasp) good with money. they are usually very ambitous, very determined, very driven to do ****. and that's sexy.

I've had women be friends with me in the past, come to my old job and see me in action and told me point blank that I was sexy when I was at work.

There are women who like nice ****. tere are women who like money for moneys sake. But it depends on the woman. My GF now per say.. I honestly think if I didn't have money, or at least not well off, she'd still be here. But again, it's like extra credit. I'll take it when I can get it.

It allows us to have more fun when we chose to. We had a baby almost 2 years ago and the thought of could we afford it never creeped in either of our minds. I like the fact that my child's future education is paid for and he's not even in preschool. she likes that too. Butif I could not do that, I doubt she'd leave me.

I had one of those women. when i stopped dong **** for her, she left and found someone else who would. wasn't as "interested a person' anymore.


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