Might have to fight bigger heavier guy


Senior Don Juan
Sep 13, 2019
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Southeast USA
^^ even still, it would take months and months, the 1st months would be cardio and getting to where you're not getting gassed although most fights end in under 1 minute, not like MMA or boxing professionally. Just fight dirty as fvck if you can't run from the bigger guy. My boxing partner, because I'm big with man-strength I get paired with a 360 lb man just a couple years younger than me. I hold the pads for this fat fvck and I do NOT want to get hit by his boxing-gloved fist much less a bare-knucked uppercut (his strongest punch, he doesn't jab hard at all, but his hooks, uppercuts are hard for me to hold pads properly for him). He wants me to hold the pads close to my face and I'm like what if you miss man. He's like so what? I'm like fvck you! I'm keepin them here away from my face. I don't even wanna get grazed by that fat fvck.
Yeah. I've never seen anyone downed by exhaustion, in a street brawl.
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