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Married game


Master Don Juan
May 3, 2013
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Haha. Every heard “time to say goodbye” (opera)

Told my girl one day it would be true, and we would have to say goodbye. It’s true, I’m 11 years older.

She is still in tears. I have to say I had a lump too. So sad we have to part and my condolences to my man above who already lost his girl.

I defy any man to hear that record and not have a stab of feeling. One day we will all be just dust in the wind. Messages in the mist. Posts on a noticeboard.

Moral is: get in touch with that lost friend today. Speak to that estranged father now. Make it up with your friend. Life is so short. Don’t waste the chance to say goodbye.

Yes, I’ve had vodka. But you know I’m talking sense negro.



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Senior Don Juan
Dec 29, 2016
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I agree the leadership of Men will guide a marriage. Regardless if she’s a 5-7 or a 10. The females look to leadership stability and just being Alpha. That’s what makes a
Relationship successful.

Men who are weak don’t fare well in most of life’s paths. Especially marriage women and high profile jobs or even high paying jobs