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Senior Don Juan
Dec 10, 2001
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So I've been thinking about the M-word a bit lately.

Maybe it's because the girl that's been my best friend for 5 years, and gf for the last year just left me high and dry about a week ago, was almost certain she was my wife to be.

Or perhaps it's because I've gotten 2 wedding invites from ex girlfriends in the last 3 months.

I'm not quite sure why. I do know though, that it seems like everyone I know is married or at least discussing the issue with their significant other. I'm 24 years old, I'm done with school, and am on the road of a great career. But what next?? I'm not depressing over it yet, but I cant help but wonder if I've fallen behind a bit.

I realize the issue is somewhat subjective... To some 24 may be way too young to even be thinking about marriage. I guess I'm feeling a lot of indirect pressure, either from family, or friends or whatever.

What do you guys think? Younger guys, what are your plans? Older guys, what's the road of a bachelor beyond where I'm at?


Master Don Juan
Oct 11, 2005
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"I guess I'm feeling a lot of indirect pressure, either from family, or friends or whatever."

Life is about what you want to do.

Not what peer pressure would have you do.

If you feel great not to be married, if you enjoy your freedom not having to worry about supporting snot nosed brats and a demanding wife live it up and let your family and friends get over it and worry about their own lives.

Marriage as goal state is a wrong mentality to have and has been programmed into many young men via societal feminist indoctrination.

You don't suddenly "arrive" when you slip that ring onto some chick's finger.

The marriage is as fragile as any regular long term relationship subject to end at anytime the wind blows in a more favorable direction for the girl.

And the shame and stigma society puts on a divorced person who tried it society's way is absolutely despicable.

The stigma goes that "something is wrong" with the divorced person.

Indeed something was wrong.

The person listened to society instead of themselves.


Marriage? I'd rather fight the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Marriage is horrendous, how anyone can get married is beyond me? If you want to buy a suit, eat cate and get trollied (that's drunk to you Americans), I'd do all that for a hell of a lot cheaper than a wedding.

Wedding, Marriage etc is a thing of the past, it's not needed in modern society.


Master Don Juan
Nov 15, 2004
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If you desire to be married one day, then try it once, and once only. If the first marriage doesn't work, then there's a high possibility that any proceeding marriages won't work either.

But don't just marry some girl just to have a marriage. Try to be selective about the woman you choose. Do your best to make sure she'd be a good wife and mother, and put genuine effort into making the relationship work.

If you discover you married a piece of 5hit, then eliminate her and don't look back.


Don Juan
Jul 5, 2009
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Man 24 is a good age to maybe attempt being serious a few times it sucks when your heart is hurt but it gets you ready. 28-32 probably the best time in these days we're in. bible days it's be like 14-17 lol but you know man don't worry if you live to be an old man, you have more than plenty of time right now to find one thats sincere and mature, beyond jealousy and childish fits that put the loving man in deep ruts of despair.


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