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Atom Smasher

Sep 22, 2008
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The 7th Dimension
His ban was due to be expired in a few days. He couldn’t wait that long, so he made a new user just to continue his foot stomping. When a member goes this far off the rails, it’s clear that his intent is to disrupt. He won’t be back for a while.

We have one current member here nowadays who went completely off the rails a couple years ago, and I do mean completely. We’ve notice he has come back, and so far, so good. We mods are a forgiving lot, but we’ve got to maintain some order here, and I know that most of you are fully aware of that. If a guy goes crazy and comes back after a while, we let him back in and keep an eye on him for a few weeks. I assume that some of them realize their previous behavior was out of line and they just want to move ahead, and we’re always glad to see that and to facilitate it. We truly hate to ban people and we discuss each case pretty deeply before taking action on a long-term member. That’s how our checks and balances work.