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Feb 4, 2008
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'In the abundance of water, a fool is thirsty.'

OP you are a clueless simp!

See, simps who b*tch about what females did to them without taking responsibility for being vulnerable to a b*tch's powers of manipulation haven't done their b*tch homework. It's one thing to be aware of what females are like, and/or ignore them and inform others about them in a rational way, but to b*tch about them the way some of you guys do, is fvcking pathetic!

Have some balls, brains, and dignity!

Instead of complaining about her & her actions & then posting pics showing her with her azz jacked up begging for you to spank it -- You should choose to charge her -- Figuratively & literally!

Whenever you make yourself sound like a deluded pseudo stud, poor me whiner, instead of a wise person with good critical thinking or social awareness combined with good sense; you're making it easy for me to tell you to "WAKE UP".

You're making it very hard for guys like me to defend so-called 'men' like you that act like clueless whining b*tches!

You are proving the other whiny simps and females that dgaf about the causes of sensible men right -- But most of all, you're embarrassing the **** out of yourself & your gender!

A real player/P would know what to do with her -- Otoh, a trifling clueless simp and/or trick would not!

He'd come here to complain, or point fingers at her and choose to free-fvck her instead, yet ignore his own stupidity while trying to play the victim!


Go ahead and follow the tracks of other simps/tricks to get your rocks off, Skippy -- Lose out on all the rest that she has to offer...LMAO

She is vastly smarter than you...

There is absolutely nothing that a female can do to a man without him or other men enabling it!

So tell me, who is the real enemy?
Calm's just some pu$$y.