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Love the crazy women. What’s wrong with me?


Senior Don Juan
May 29, 2019
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I have my stories of the crazy women that I’ve been attracted to in the past. The sex was always off the freaking hook and I was attracted to them from the first time I met them. But we all know how those train wrecks end.

now I’ve met a really nice woman and what I would say a very high-quality woman. She has never cheated on a man and was in a 30 year marriage. She’s very nice, attractive and very fit. I just can’t get all that turned on by her. What is my problem! She would make a great girlfriend. I’m going on a second date tomorrow night to see if she grows on me. Maybe I’m addicted to the drama of the crazy ones. Anyone else?


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Master Don Juan
Sep 11, 2018
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I think you mean sexual vs non sexual. I met a hyper sexual woman who was in medical school for psychiatry school a few years ago.. She was crazier than any woman I ever met. And I mean sexually. But outside the bedroom she was perfectly normal acting.

A lot of guys think that can't find a normal woman who isn't a complete slvt who also happen to have a hyper sex drive and is completely crazy in bed. So they willingly mess with legit crazy women. This is scarcity thinking.

If you continue to fish at the bottom, you will think your only options are crazy slvts vs square home girls. But this is an illusion. There are plenty of hyper sexual normal women out there.

It's the same as those women who think their only options are complete douchebags or complete nerds. So they end up rationalizing "I must be attracted to crazy men!"

No. In the real world, men and women can be good people and great in bed at the same time. Only in the world of neediness and scarcity do you think your only options are one extreme vs another extreme.
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Don Juan
Jun 23, 2019
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hmm, If we find a girl like that, that is the best of all worlds we would keep her. She won't be on the market long.. Now the crazy ones we don't or can't keep, no one can so there are many available. If the girl is not sexual, we don't want her no matter how good character she is. It isn't likely that the keeper will be found in the land of crazy (bar, old, etc..). Probably wont find her at all, you will just meet along the journey in some place you don't' expect when doing something other than hunting for her.


Senior Don Juan
Jun 9, 2019
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there's a craziness spectrum but when that's the only dimension we're talking about we're sort of 'flattening' the analysis and it becomes oversimplified and frankly, very inaccurate. the more dimensions we mix in the more accurate the analysis but the harder it is to wrap our heads around.

people obviously have a very large number of dimensions to their character, and none are binary. the variety this allows is beyond comprehension. the only way to even begin to understand it is to meet lots and lots of women. you'll find freaks that are terrible with their money, that aren't loyal, and you'll find freaks that are CEOs of big companies with their sheet together that go to church every week, and everything in between. i like a freak too, it's a huge plus, necessary even, but i'm not going to keep screwing her if it's going to wreck my life. if anything about her seems like too annoying of a liability i'll twirl her in a different direction and save myself tons of headache. i use drama as a gauge. if she creates drama and tries to leverage it, that's my cue to let her go. eventually a more compatible girl comes along, because there's practically infinite variety out there.
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