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Lessons I learnt from being a DonJuan for a year


Master Don Juan
Nov 9, 2015
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It's been a year already. I first came here as a complete mess, a 5 year relationship (3 years living together included) was falling apart really quickly, and I couldn't understand why. Soon, everything was over. I was devastated, I got angry, I could no think I would get laid again. But I kept coming, reading, and practicing.

I'm at a level with women, fitness, friends, family, and wealth that I could have never dreamt of before. And I'm sure this is only the beginnings, much more lays ahead for me to go and grab it. This is what I have learned.

1. If you want to be happy, you have to create a lifestyle you love

This is the reason we advocate for doing manly things. Not only because it attracts women, but because you, as a man, are going to be your happiest if you live a life you are meant to live. This means being physically active and strong, having a male gang you can trust, achieving both daily and big goals, working on your hobbies. If you concentrate on this, you are going to simply be having too much of a blast to worry about rejection. Sure, part of man's complete life are women, but as we all know, they love being with a successful happy man, and there's no way you are going to achieve that without being as happy as you can be on your own in the first place. So if you are new to the manosphere, work on building your desired lifestyle first.

2. You are only going to learn game by getting dirty

Don't fall into the trap that my first point might cause. Of course, you should dedicate the most of you efforts in building yourself and your surroundings first, but that's no excuse to avoid approaching women. Nowadays I'm working equally on my game and in my lifestyle because I'm at a point I can afford it, but when I started I was approaching women, if only twice or tree times a week. This is not optimal, but will warm you up. As soon as you feel comfortable enough, you will have to face the inevitable rejections in order to learn. Don't fear it, you will gain tons of hilarious stories as you go through them, plus some initial bangs; things get easier later on, as if your subconscious was starting to learn to be "game on" by its own.

3. Don't fall in the "just be yourself" trap

You have to be yourself, and let your personality be felt through your actions, but game is a technique to master that will give you your best possible results. Study and apply the classics, then you can tweak around. I see a lot of guys forgetting about qualifying, not building enough comfort or switching to comfort too soon. I get it, having to read or watch videos about banging women is kind of humiliating, you feel like you should already know how to do it, well fvck it. Read this post by Jack Donovan and then let your ego on the door and apply yourself.

4. Every thing shall pass

You will hit downs when you will feel miserable and insecure. When this happens, all you have to do is to keep moving. I promise you this, I had rough times when I didn't see any light ahead of me, but then I looked back, and saw how much I had progressed. Every little thing you are doing to build a better you will pay off. Good posture? It felt so unnatural in the beginning, then, one day, I realized I had perfect posture without any conscious effort. Remember: keep pushing, it will click in due time.

5. If you have to put an element of your lifestyle about the rest make it your social circle

This is, in my opinion, the most important of them. It will give you tons of opportunities to meet women that are predisposed to become your plates if you are high states inside your group, it will provide you with endless connections and opportunities to business, trips, and activities. I have built a big social circle and I keep several others that invest in less. I get free passes to music festivals (BFF with the son of a drinks business-man), free rides and a place to sleep in several cities all over my country, girls that want to present her girl friends to me, guys that want me to join them for manly activities, guys that are so manly and goal driven that it inspires me (BFF with an elite athlete), etc. I'm not bragging, I'm just showing you what it's possible if you invest in building a social circle.

6. No woman will make you happy

I said it before, having girls in your life will improve it if you are intelligent about it. They simply are delicious, pretty, fun to have around, they make everything lighter; but never will a particular woman make you happy. They come and go, she will see that you are not going to compromise to them and will look for a chump, she will get tired of whatever personality trait you have that they don't like, you will get tired of the sex, you will get tired of her conversations, or one you will simply die. The truth is, you should never commit to a particular woman, because they are too much volatile and you are (perhaps, especially if you are applying yourself to self-betterment and testosterone raising) too much of a horny guy to want just one and the same girl.


I have said it before, but it' importance can't be undervalued. Never surrender, keep pushing, keep moving, keep rising. Some times you will feel tired of all it, you will feel miserable, you will want to quit and commit to a sloot. Don't do it. You have the balls necessary to be a DonJuan, you really do. All you have to do is get up everytime you fall and try again. I have failed multiple times, specially at the beginning, sometimes I thought I didn't have the willpower to do it, but all of a suddenly, something clicked inside of me, and I was kicking asses (metaphorically and literary).

This is all my SoSuave brothers. A big thank you to all of you, and a warm hug to the ones that encouraged me in my beginnings.


Master Don Juan
Nov 15, 2005
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Congrats, man. Keep up the DJ lifestyle. You've earned it.


Master Don Juan
Mar 30, 2016
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Every time I pop my head back in here I see the quality of posting has improved even more. You did all that in a year? It took me five to get near that and I still have a lot of work to do! Goes to show this site is educating guys really quickly now. Great stuff.


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