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Learning to walk away

El Perro

Don Juan
Sep 3, 2001
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Columbia, SC, USA
Okay, so you've read and re-read the DJ Bible, you've improved your wardrobe, grooming, skills, etc., and you've built up the confidence to talk to women - you are ready!

But what happens when you get that first rejection, or get dissed by that 10 that you really wanted? What if you are in a slump and get rejected one time too many?

Don't laugh- I've seen this situation too many times (hell, I've BEEN in this situation too many times myself!). Well, there's only one way to handle something like this: LEARN TO JUST SAY "F_CK IT" AND WALK AWAY!!!

You see, you need to realize that no matter how hard you try, you will not appeal to everyone you meet. That's okay - their loss, right?
And, as everyone here already knows, one shot to your self-esteem can lead you down that slippery slope toward AFC land - BUT ONLY IF YOU LET IT!!!

Yeah, it takes balls to get a number from a girl, but it also takes balls to throw it away if she's playing with you. It takes balls to initiate a conversation with a total stranger, but it also takes balls to break it off if you see that you're wasting your time. What I'm trying to say is, if you break it off first you won't feel like such a f_cking chump, you won't seem so needy, and she won't get the chance to dive-bomb your ego - you've made it clear that SHE is wasting YOUR time, not the other way around.


That chick you're obssessing over already HAS a p*ssy... she doesn't need another one, so be a man!


Master Don Juan
Jan 18, 2002
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Originally posted by El Perro:
You see, you need to realize that no matter how hard you try, you will not appeal to everyone you meet.
Great point. Think of it from the other perspective. If you go out to a club, or whereever, what % of the girls would you actually be willing to walk up to and try to get a number? VERY FEW! Not everyone appeals to you. A girl who your friend is attracted to might just not be your type.

Girls have different criteria but the point is the same. Not everyone is going to like you, the important thing is that YOU like you.

"There are no such things as mixed signals when it comes to women, there is reality and what the guy wants to be reality." - Don Phenom

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