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Its not all black & white

Sep 2, 2007
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It is true that in order to truly give people something, you must be in the position of power (the prize) to do so. You are the Don Juan; you have the power to supply people with good emotions. Because everyone enjoys receiving good emotions, but they need to feel that they have earned these.

But this equation consists of two parts. One of them as you already know is that you must be willing to give.

But the other and even more important one is the following:
You must feel worthy of receiving.

Women and everyone else in fact WANT to be treated as regular people! They want you to give them something and they also want to give to you. So why don’t you give them what they really want and need in today’s society and treat them just as PEOPLE. Treat them like you would treat your best buddy or little sister.
Think about it, if your little sister offered to do you a favor, would you say no?
So why should you say “NO”, when someone of value or a pretty girl is willing to do you a favor?

Only when you keep your relationships with people balanced and train giving and receiving without keeping count whether you are winning or not can you develop one of the most important abilities:
To have genuine trust in yourself and other people.

Yes, other people are not trying to hurt you on purpose(some may). I have noticed that I automatically being to trust people who trust me with something valuable to them or say out loud that they trust me. So I say TAKE THE LEAD, let people know you trust them, and don’t be afraid to trust them with something either.

And it must also be said that we trust and feel comfortable with people who can relate or are similar to us.
So again take the lead and find a common ground with everybody, if you relate to general feelings then we all have the same problems, only that they come in different forms.
It is your job to do that, because most people just plain are not able to do this.
And finally a word about compliments. Yes I know that you were told not to give women any compliments, but as you progress in real life you will notice that many things that were taught to you are not so black and white. You were said that showing interest, giving compliments is just AFC, well if you come from a different perspective it might very well be the opposite.

People DO want to hear sincere compliments, but they have to be genuine and you can never compliment someone about THE OBVIOUS because then it will only backfire.AFC: “you look so hot, I cannot stop thinking about you.”
You should find out something deeper about the person, something you really LIKE and VALUE about him/her and only then can you compliment on it. You also need to explain your compliment. In other words- Why does he/she deserve it.
And a simple tip would be to ask a question about it.
For example: “Wow this is amazing, how do you do it?”

I’m open to your suggestions and views on these things.
Aug 28, 2007
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I think the part where you're on about compliments really just comes down to the sitution and haveing common sense. It's like an instinct you know when to say something nice and something naughty.


Senior Don Juan
Sep 21, 2005
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Columbus, Ohio
just another newb?? said:
Think about it, if your little sister offered to do you a favor, would you say no?
So why should you say “NO”, when someone of value or a pretty girl is willing to do you a favor?

I think is a very insightful post! I agree with most of it. But where did you see the advice to NOT let women do you favors? I can't see how that would be a bad thing... :wink:

Also, why do you have to be a position of power or "the prize" to give something, especially something like good emotions to someone. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who are funny and can make people laugh without being a person who is desired by everyone.

But yeah, I 100% agree that women are just people that wanted to be treated like normal people...at least most of them. But the definition of normal can be somewhat hard to define. I guess NOT drooling all over them and saying that "Your hot" line you mentioned would be a good start.

And it's definetly not ALL black and white.


Oct 13, 2005
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It takes a man with a defining sense of self worth to be a complete leader. He must have every ounce of energy focused on what the directive will be, not only for the good of himself and reputation, but moreso for the people with whom entrust thier faith and energy in him.

This is a good thread.


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