It's All About Self Improvement

Fu Fu

Don Juan
Jan 19, 2003
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It’s all about self improvement

You can always tell somebody how to physically do or say something, but why do they constantly come back for more advice once they’ve reached their maximum capabilities? Because they don’t understand what they are doing or saying and why they are doing or saying it. People wouldn’t be asking for advice if they understood what they are doing in the first place. The more we understand the less help we seek and the easier it is to look inside ourselves to find the answers to our questions. The better we understand the quicker and faster we learn.

Recognizing Cause and Effect is our main tool in solving problems and better understanding. That brings up another question. How do we recognize and apply Cause and Effect? The absolute ONLY way to learn about Cause and Effect is by action and experimentation. I wouldn’t say going out there and try to be like Albert Einstein when interacting with women, but go out there and make an effort to interact. Get your ass out there and learn through experience! We would have never known about Neg Hits, SS, NLP, or C&F if there wasn’t somebody who experimented and tested them.

Through experience a lot of us know the fundamentals of being a DJ. We know that the MAJORITY of women like real men. We know that the MAJORITY of women like mystery and unpredictability. We know that the MAJORITY of women like ****y and Funny. We know that the MAJORITY of women thrive off EC and Kino. I could go on and on about the MAJORITY of women. The beautiful thing about this world is that everyone is different. If we better understand through experience what we are doing, we will be better prepared to handle the MINORITY! I don’t know about most of you guys, but by being a DJ of continual self improvement, I not only want to shine brighter than most guys but I also want to attract the MINORITY. The MINORITY being the women that shine brighter and are more successful than the others. Being a DJ is about continual self improvement, and not just with women but with life also. Success breeds Success!

In our quest the be superior men the only way we improve ourselves is by making mistakes and learning from them. WE HAVE TO MAKE MISTAKES TO LEARN! We would have never learned how to walk if we didn’t fall down. I see so many AFC’s looking for the quick fix and not looking at the big picture. The big picture being we all want to be successful individuals and particularly with women. One tip or technique is not going to make someone fully successful at something. Successful people live to improve. Successful people live to win which is always accompanied by failure. Successful people know that LIFE IS A MARATHON NOT A SPRINT.

Fu Fu