Is This Girl a Trouble ?

John D

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Apr 15, 2019
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Hi guys,

so I´ll go to the point with all honesty. There´s this girl, we work together, she´s older than me (over 5 years), which I had no idea about at first, but then I was like okay it´s not that big of a deal (possibly). When I got to know her she was a big flirt, I played it cool I was supposed to leave the country soon and didn´t want to get attached, but eventually I´m staying longer. She used to flirt with me a lot, I played it like okay, no big deal, didn´t buy anything for her, but later she asked me to ask her out.

The first time she flaked, but had told me a day before when I messeged her and gave an excuse. Then couple weeks later when we started talking more again I asked her out, but literally didn´t expect her to go and it was something I was gonna be doing anyway, so if she flaked it would be okay anyway. Unexpectedly, she showed up, I need to admit I was even like 5mins late for the date. To be honest, it was probably the worst date I ever had, she just kept moaning about where else she is supposed to be and her friends waiting for her etc. I cooled off for much longer now and wanted to cut her off.

Since we meet each other every day at work, later we started to talk more again and just kind of joked about the date later. She started to act attracted again and asked me to ask her out or actually proposed we go out for a dinner. For some reason I thought she didn´t mean it so I didn´t even bother looking for restaurants and just cold messaged her to confirm the supposed date, but she replied something completely silly and didn´t want to go out. This one I did basically for fun because I didn´t expect her to go anyway.

Couple months later I got into trouble again, every time she "flaked" even if I expected her to, I just deleted chat with her, so she doesn´t show up in my messages and just played it cool, no hard feelings, she even asked me couple times if I´m angry and I said "about what?", her response: "that we didn´t go on that date" my response: "why should I be?". She´s usually the first to text me after this, at work she doesn´t even flirt with guys anymore, she just talks to me most of the time and we even had some good conversations, when she gets a chance she gets close to me, goes around my arm, she even started to tell people there that she´s my girlfriend (which I would know about).

Then later she messaged me a picture of a place where she was, where I use to go, too and asked me why didn´t I take her there and we agreed I´d text her when I go there so she can go with me. We set up a date on that location, confirmed 2hrs before and guess what, she didn´t show up. I had to call her and she came up with a terrible excuse (it was obvious she didn´t even plan to come, or at least that ´s what I thought). It didn´t really matter as I was going there anyway (with or without her).

The day after, we met (at work) and she was all how sorry she was and if I´m angry and I said again "about what?". And the same story again, she keeps talking about all these romantic places where we should go together and the thing is I get this 7hrs a day 5 days a week and at some points I really question my judgement if she really meant it or not and then get a bit burnt.

Now, I don´t know if she was just hurt by so many guys previously and now is just taking a revenge, because that´s what it looks like to me, many guys leading her and then dumping her and now she wants to do the same to everybody else. Should I help her somehow ?


Is she doing it purely for fun and game ? I doubt this option though.


does she think I´m gonna chase her and just wants attention?

My point is, she´s nice, but leads a pretty uninteresting life (my opinion), I would bed her, but don´t really know if it´s worth the trouble and don´t know if I want to give her more chances, but I´ll be working with her for at least couple more months so I might as well just have fun but shouldn´t really fall into it too much, which is challenging sometimes, good practice at least, though.


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Jun 5, 2017
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You are her puppet. Be a man, have some self respect and ignore this chick. I wouldn’t even bother wasting my time with her, don’t be lazy, go out and find new women.


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Sep 2, 2018
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Next time she contacts say you have a Girlfriend now. Nothing gets to a girls emotions more than a girl who’s better than her and competition. Got to be brutal in this game. Act disinterested if she talks to you. You could probs bed her in the future.