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Into the RAVE


Master Don Juan
Jun 30, 2000
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Hello boys & girls, time for another rant and RAVING from yours truly. I live for the club scene, it's my hobby and it's just downright fun. I'm not here to preach like an 20 cent hairless oracle that fell off a 300ft hill. I'm here to offer a little clubn' rave consulting tips, as well as styling for the occasion, har har. As we smart(that does include you) people know, we go to the clubs to have a good time and perhaps hit it off with a long legged honey with sparkling eyes that rival spinning disco ball glimmering with all the glory of the club lights - (hey this ain't no Ecstasy roll man).

First off, I don't condone the use nor promote the use of illegal substance that goes by the aliases of: X, E, MDMA, 3,4-Methelenedioxy Methamphetamine, 3,4-Methelenedioxy Amphetamine, Ketamine, K, GHB, Mescaline, PCP and a whole slew of other crap that goes with it. If you go to Raves beware of the consequences and temptations you will come across and be aware that those long legged honeys are more than likely influenced in some way or another if they come charging at you with wide open arms and lips puckered straight to yours and grabbing your,ahem! (I seem to always be the unfortunate victim of these crazed vixens). But, if you so choose to do so, do your reasearch Watson - make it an extensive one. Know what's bad, and know whats not....

Alright, RAVES is a fine place to meet beautiful women & girls - if that's your thing. Before I go on, let me say that I don't reccommend you attempt and find your destined lover in life in a RAVE, because you wont(more than likely).

Style the RAVE way:

Go to your local used and vintage trading clothing store. The bay area (San Francisco) is blessed with Crossroads Trading Company - they not only offer those funky vintage clothes but modern (new) ones as well. The products of choice are:

Kik Wear (Kdub) for pants - I have about 10 of these raving pants, they are baggy, comfortable, lots of pockets (the rave way), extra slots to put your 12inch glow sticks (I'm not talking about that sicko!) and very cheap, if you don't have one in your area visit the website (Kikwear.com or something like that).

Shirts - these are mixed for some. I work out a lot, so I'm very comfortable sporting tight polyester shirts to sport the muscles. The products of choice are - YMLA, POSITANO, BC Ethic, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess. Can be purchased cheap at Macy's or elsewhere. If you're not comfortable sporting your body then go for the preppy collared shirt look mixed with the rave pants above - I always get compliments when I mix the two styles in.

Shoes: - make sure they are comfortable if you are going to do some dancing. There is nothing more embarrassing than looking like Brad Pitt in the floor then kissing the canvass as you try to show you moves - I can atest to that (ahem). Creepers are the choice for raves.

Color of choice - this can vary as well, just try not to look like a two bit clown from Oklahoma. I usually with go with navy blue, black (lots of these) - if you have chest muscles sport the tight red, lighter colored undershirts. These all go with the the barage of light at the raves. If you are going to be colorful avoid making your pants be the color of attention, let it be your shirts or hats.

Hair - Yeah, try to look decent a least - this will make you stand out from the rest of the scraggle morons out there. Keep it short and simple with cut, but style it with flavor.

harghhh! I'm getting tired of writing this, I'm off work now so maybe I'll continue tommorow.....