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Insider Trading...Of course, (((Yahoo Finance))) doesn't ALLOW comments so...::crickets""

Poonani Maker

Master Don Juan
Apr 29, 2007
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Three days earlier, when ADT wasn't reporting much of anything, a series of computerized trading alerts derived from the algorithms of Bloomberg Automated Intelligence (BAI) revealed insiders' unmistakable handiwork:

-- On July 29, the frequency of people searching for articles about ADT and reading them exceeded the most recent 30-day average.

-- The same day, ADT rose 6.3% via trades 90% more numerous than the 20-day average and when its weekly gain until that point was 4.1%. ADT competitors closed with an average decline of 2.6%.

-- On July 30, ADT bonds changed hands four times more than the five-week average.

-- The following day, ADT volume jumped to more than five times the 20-day average.

All of this activity means investors, who were informed enough to buy ADT at $7.91 a share before the BAI alerts, could sell the stock at $17.21 on the news of the Google stake in ADT. The return was 118%, or the equivalent of turning $1 million into $2.8 million in four days.
In addition, because Google just bought a large stake in ADT, ADT will be spying in your homes now if they already aren't doing it!
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