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Input/advice on leaving a job and moving out.


Master Don Juan
Nov 6, 2022
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Joe Moma's
This will be a long post. Sorry brahs

The job
Currently, I work for a very small private music teaching company (6 employees) and was there from the beginning. I am hired currently as a 1099 contractor at this job and have signed nothing in regards to anti competition. Had I at any point left the company during the past 1 ½ years it would have tanked 100% and the owner has openly told me this. Not long ago we lost the majority of our student base and I was suddenly making almost zero income in the month of September due to stupid business practices on behalf of the owner. I rallied the few employees we had and managed to fix many of the issues present with our current business model and the company has since been doing better than ever before thanks to my efforts. That said, I simply am not making enough money doing this job and have exerted myself far beyond my pay grade.

The owner is a 30 year old woman and this is her first business venture. While she is a kind person and was very supportive of me during some exceptionally hard times, I find her to be lacking to say the least. Things never get done, everything is always pushed back, she is exceptionally hard to reach, she makes promises she can’t keep. After more or less saving the company I told the owner in november about some issues I was noticing and demanded a raise among other things. They were more than justified to which she agreed and verbatim she claimed “I need to do whatever I can to keep you here”. She met a few of my demands, but has made an effort to push back the raise several times. We have attempted to have meetings and conversations, but it hasn’t happened, something always comes up on her end. This past weekend was the first payment of the year and unsurprisingly my rate was the same….

I’m getting rather irritated as other things at work outside of my control have been going south and changes that were supposed to be made were not. That and she has hired two other teachers who are there to be my alternates and subs… What is more likely is they will replace me and she can pay them less despite my previously mentioned “value” I bring to the company. The owner has told me she will not hire any more men (sexism?) since the majority of our students/client base is young women and children. We also came to an agreement that I should not be teaching any teenage girls as they are too distracted with me and some college age girls have come after me in dm’s. Also, my coworkers are all attractive young women and there have been several 'love' triangles I’ve been involved in and going to work revolves around me avoiding a minefield of female drama. The peak of that being when a coworker in a committed relationship stripped down in front of me during closing a few weeks back. Flattered, but makes work weird…
Here’s where I’m at
I’m fairly fed up with this job right now, or more specifically the owner of the company. She is giving me a slow fade just like a chick would in dating. She knows she cannot afford me and I know my worth as well. I’ve slowly been transitioning into my own private ‘practice’ of sorts and have a handful of my own students/clients. I’ve also networked a fair amount at this job and have students that will leave with me if they haven’t already. To some extent I am already ‘stealing’ business. I reach an impasse though as I still live at home. I was to move out right before covid hit, but I then stayed home to finish school, take care of my father and then my sister had a cancer scare with a brain tumor. As of last week she is cleared and I now feel good about moving out. To grow my own business it will take time so I need a pretty decent cushion saved up. I have an apartment connection in a prime location and already have my LLC. A point of concern however is I'll be 26 in a few months and will no longer be on health insurance. This current job has no benefits and I'll have to handle insurance on my own after leaving or staying regardless. That said… I cannot work out of my parents house and I need to launch and be on my own… 25 is too old to be at home.

I need this job for the time being, but I am getting increasingly annoyed! I am pursuing other ventures and have two other side gigs that are proving fruitful, but I need to know how to move on from this position in a way that benefits me or at least doesn’t shoot me in the foot. I am locked in until mid march for certain due to payment cycles. It is at that point I assume the owner thinks I will voluntarily leave the company if nothing changes and she can allow these two new employees to take my place. In other words the owner will likely try and take advantage of the situation as best she can and this pushing back of promised things is simply a ploy to take advantage of me or scare me off. Not too dissimilar to when a girl acts out trying to get you to break up with her. I’m well aware of it, but again I need the money at the moment for security reasons. I’ve swallowed my pride and pretend not to notice… I hate doing this as I already have an issue with authority figures at large. As much as I'd like to leave, that wouldn’t allow me to go on unemployment while I look for new work and grow my business.

So…Do I get myself fired and burn the bridge? Do I keep my head down for a bit then walk? Do I once again demand a raise and if I don’t get it state I am leaving the company in march? Regardless, I will be leaving this job by spring and would like to do it in a way that doesn’t completely screw me. I also don’t want to reveal all my cards too early as these new employees could swoop in at a moment's notice and take my work from me if I do not tread carefully. If I make the wrong move now the next day I could be out of work…