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Innocent village girls and surrogate wives


Master Don Juan
Nov 11, 2008
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So I met a Russian female ( early 20's) on a language learning website. She is from a small village. This girl is very introverted and still lives with her parents while going to College. She never even kissed a guy before. We are getting closer and she has expressed romantic feelings for me and vice versa ( I know its kind of lame since its the internet). We video chat when I have time and she is always trying to contact me. Kind of clingy. I have observed the following.

1.) The only hope men have is to have a family in an inexpensive foreign country and send money to the family. She told me that you can rent decent apartments in the Moscow region for under $350 US dollars a month. It is possible to support a whole family for $700 a month. Child support alone in the USA is around $800 a month. The down side to this is you will be away from your child for months at a time. The other down side is that Boris is going to be giving your " wife" the sausage but I dont mind. Chad and Tyrone will be doing the same thing in the USA.

2.) Innocence is key. Sheltered village girls have a naivety about them. This is what keeps them feminine. You can be the biggest simp to these girls and it will not turn them off because they dont know any better. They still have an intact pair bonding mechanism. American women have lost that innocence because they have seen too much. They have done too much. They have studied too many manipulation tactics from Cosmopolitin magazine ( or whatever is popular these days). A society has to shelter their women in order to keep them innocent.