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Incels, MGOTW, and the Epic of Gilgamesh


Don Juan
May 13, 2017
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Many cultures have a myth where an uncivilized boy lives with the animals at one with nature and then becomes a civilized man after a life-changing encounter with a woman. In some myths he has an emotional or mental battle with the woman, sometimes he has sex with her, and sometimes he does both. As a result of the encounter the man becomes civilized, leaves his animalistic, childlike ways behind, and begins to focus on improving himself by seeking knowledge, collecting resources by working, and conquering other men. Examples of these myths include the Epic of Gilgamesh and the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is the oldest serious literature known to humankind, the people of Uruk beg the gods to save them from their king, Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is Chad, the perfect, archetypal alpha male. Being 2/3 god himself, he exhausts and defeats all other men in games and has sex with all the beautiful women in the land. In fact, Gilgamesh particularly likes to **** women before their husband the night of their wedding. Nobody can defeat him, and all obey and live in fear of him.

To save the people of Uruk, the gods create an exact copy of Gilgamesh named Enkidu to defeat and kill Gilgamesh. But Enkidu has no desire to fight Gilgamesh. In fact, Enkidu has no desire for the trappings of civilization of like money, glory, or even good food. Enkidu even runs away with the other animals when he sees a human, even though he was built to be as powerful and intimidating as Gilgamesh.

To force Enkidu to live up to his potential and focus on his mission of defeating Gilgamesh, the gods send Enkidu a prostitute named Shamhat, who has wild, crazy sex with Enkidu for a week. After this week of passion, Enkidu falls in love with Shamhat and agrees to go the city with her, where she civilizes him by making him dress, eat, and act like a human. More importantly, Shamhat convinces Enkidu to go fight Gilgamesh by telling him she would rather **** Gilgamesh. Like a good white knight beta male, Enkidu goes to stop Gilgamesh from ****ing a woman the night of her wedding. Enkidu loses the battle, but he and Gilgamesh become friends and travel the world defeating monsters for fame.

The gods then decide to kill Enkidu. Upon learning that he will die, Enkidu starts crying like a little *****. He regrets the encounter with Shamhat, curses her, and wishes that could have stayed an animalistic child in the wilderness. But the gods tell Enkidu that encountering the prostitute was necessary for his development as a man. He takes back all the mean things he said about her.

The crazy thing about the Epic of Gilgamesh is that Enkidu is literally Chad. He was created as an exact copy of the perfect, archetypal alpha male. But it was only after he got some ***** that he wanted to seek status, conquer men, and become a hero. But the encounter with the woman also domesticated him, civilized him, sapped him of his vigor, which made him fail in his mission of defeating Gilgamesh. There was no reason for Enkidu to lose to Gilgamesh other than his own mind. The challenge, therefore, is to use women for motivation, but not to be trapped by them.

Why do may cultures have a myth where a man becomes civilized after encountering a woman? What are these myths trying to teach? Maybe they are trying to teach that men are by nature free-spirited and desire to wander the unknown; and that women are constantly trying to domesticate, feminize, and control men. Maybe these myths are trying to teach that women are man’s greatest challenge and desire, so mens’ primary motivation in self-improvement is to impress women. Or maybe these myths are trying to teach that men can only live peacefully in society after they learn empathy, compassion, and self-control from dealing with women. Whatever the lesson, the basic message is the same: a man is not a man until he struggles with a woman.

Unfortunately in modern society most men are failing in their encounters with women. Statistics show that fewer men are having sex and every few weeks an “incel” does a mass shooting somewhere. An army of weird nerds now live on the internet all day, crying about how terrible women are and how unfair the world is, and whining about the fact they are not Chad. Like Enkidu, they regret encountering women and wish to retreat back to a childlike state where they can just play video games, watch internet porn, and curse women like Enkidu cursed Shamhat. Like Enkidu, these men had the potential to be Chad and defeat the alpha male, but they lost one battle and gave up.

But the myths make one thing very clear: once you leave the childlike state, you can not easily return. God puts a flaming sword at the entrance of the Garden of Eden, and the Sumerian gods make clear to Enkidu he can not go back to living with the animals. Nor do the gods want you to go back: the gods created you to be a world conqueror who gathers knowledge, builds civilizations, and has relationships with women. In fact, the whole reason the gods arranges the encounter with the woman was to strengthen you for your mission as a world conqueror.

At the same time, the myths include another important message: a man can and should return to this free-spirited, childlike state, not by retreating from women and civilization, but rather by conquering and overcoming it. Women are most attracted to men in the free-spirited, wild state, but womens’ desire to control, domesticate, and “**** test” men destroys the very thing women liked about men in the first place. And while in every myth the man fails the test the first time, he can still be redeemed later. After the destruction of Zion, the Bible talks about how God will restore it to be better than the Garden of Eden. And in the Epic of Gilgamesh, after the death of Enkidu Gilgamesh honors his fallen friend by going into the wilderness and living with the animals again – but this time, not as a naïve child, but as the alpha male.

A few years ago, an anonymous poster on the internet message board SoSuave.com named Pook made a bunch of posts about how the best way to build attraction with women is to return to your childlike state, back before you first encountered women. Quoting another poster named Anti-Dump, he said “You should be free as a bird, flapping around, singing, full of joy with life. Women want to catch the bird and throw it in a cage.” But, Pook points, out “who wants a bird that WANTS to be in the cage? No, women want the birds that are FREE, WILD, and BEAUTIFUL. They want A GOOD CATCH. Good Catches do not fly into cages. Only wounded or needy birds do.”

You must therefore succeed in your encounters with women by returning to that original state where you were free as a bird, singing, and full of joy and life.


Master Don Juan
Dec 24, 2017
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You must therefore succeed in your encounters with women by returning to that original state where you were free as a bird, singing, and full of joy and life.

Great post. I wished Rollo touched on this and more in book 4 religion.

If you look at the fall of Solomon, he was deemed the wisest man. He goes on benders of women. His fall is marked by worshiping another God lusting for a woman. Scripture says "god left him." As in God abandoned him. Around the same time, I believe Persia trashed temples and crushed Israel.

The story of Samson marks a similar story. Strong man. Reveals vulnerability and weakness. The woman betrays him, his hair is cut, he's weakened, his eyes are gauged out, and he's imprisoned. He slowly regains his strength, apologizes to god, and he pulls down the pillars kamakazi style killing himself along with his enemies.

These stories even if taken as allegory is a warning of male nature and weaknesses. Our culture is rubbish marked by simps. There's warnings about men worshiping women and the consequences that will follow. There's been a contrived effort to weaken men for decades.

The bhagavad Gita warns "out of the corruption of women comes the corruption of nations." This is where we are in the western world.

6 decades of feminism and the promo for girlie men sitting when they pee. Generation of men raised by women.

Another woman isn't the answer.


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