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Black Sunshine

Don Juan
Mar 31, 2016
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It's been awhile since I've been in here!
WellThings are ok now...I had t take a good look at myself and my surroundings and "acquaintances"... If you just take a breath and step back. I'm the kind of person that likes to know why I do things. Not just a shoulder shrug....I had to take a few challenges tat people can throw at you... A look back at me when i thought i was my best, and realizing an underlying aNger that I had... And A LOT LESS BOOZE! Had gotten in a groove with people I wasn't seeking but were in close proximity with and knew as a younger guy. It is scary to see these men make such horrible decisions at this stage in the game... Job wise , mate wise, booze dope wise....just in a death spiral which is getting progressively faster and tighter... No Thanks...
The relationship I was discussing was a good wakeup call although my pathetic ATTITUDE just snuffed it out. It's where i was at the time and was really coming in from out in the cold. But it got my attention and one thing led to another... It all starts with me however the hell it goes... Like shedding old skin....
I think about business and how to be a genuinely happy person. I'm getting at the age where money is reeeeeeally nice! Looking forward to the future.....Work out more ,rest better and drink 6 beers over a thirty day period these days...The guidelines various agencies have is pretty consistent and basically you shouldn't get drunk. $$ time waster, false high anyway... If you don't believe it drink one beer with your buds as thy get hammered and see how false a high it is...two beers is ok... but just watch. And then think about what else you could be doing.
Flirting with the ladies... nothing seriiiiiiious.... I think i still have a way to go but I've come a long long way....
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