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If u r a virgin and really want to just st1ck your manhood in women


Master Don Juan
Jan 20, 2005
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to increase your PROBABILITY of having the highest success ratio.. and i know not all of u are the same. Some of u are shy, some energetic, some normal..but in general, below would apply to virgins here.

1. U just have to hit the gym and lower body fat. << assuming u r fat. If you are skinny then build muscle...
2. Good clean white teeth if by all means possible,
3. good hygiene
4. Fit clothing
5. and on your first date, just ask her question and let her do the talking
6. Chances are, she will the seducing and touch you here and there.. and you will really know then if she wants to fvck or suck your weener. (if u are the shy type) Because women are shallow imo like us. .They won't admit it, but they are.

This is not for relationship means..this is just to stick your weener in there because the "hot/cute" ones are shallow.Not all, but most.

I don't really know what u guys want. Relationship with sex or just sex with these shallow women.

If you want relationship after s3x part, then this is where the so called being "confident" on top of looks comes into play.

Yea yea yea, but you see those super nasty dudes with smelly breath, zits all over their face, standing at 5ft tall, weighing 200 lbs with some hot b1tch!, Those are RARE if u do see it. ITS WAY OFF THE STATISTICAL BELL CURVE. And for that to happen often is super super super rare.

but couple things again..
1. u dont know if he is really effing her
2. u dont know their history to make any assumption
3. Maybe they cousins? who effing knows..

Im spending a little bit of time on this forum just to show shed some light into the younger guys here.

When i was young, I never thought about "working out". didn't really crossed my mind.. I was soo blind. And i hope, u guys do workout. Get bigger muscles..its only to your benefit.


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Don Juan
May 11, 2019
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Just go to Vietnam or somewhere like that!!
If you are white, relatively young and not completely hideous, you can be legit autistic with 'anti game', and still bang fairly pretty teenagers on tinder.
I was actually reading such a thread a few days back on some site and the guy posted various pics for proof etc. Dude was like 30, incel in teh UK, but became as stud taking 16-18 year old girls virginities as soon as he went to SEA using tinder lol
Can get new lays multiple times per day
Aug 4, 2013
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I don´t know where did you come up with the fact that hot girls are shallow. It couldn´t be further away from the truth.
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