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I think that this is pretty accurate on how to tell attraction.

Poonani Maker

Master Don Juan
Apr 29, 2007
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It's been my experience with at least 3 of em. Women (and men) will compare me to Kevin Bacon, Christian Bale, and whoever they were "attracted to" growing up or currently so I got compared to Glen Danzig a couple of years ago, um, I guess but I'm not big (though taller) like that guy and my hair is not black and I guess I can be melancholy like idk. She loved underground music and was a professional saxophonist in a concert. She was obsessed but she was a single mom so of course, I ditched her as hard and best I could and she had to leave her work cause they all knew I rejected her and when women make their feelings known, ESPECIALLY among co-workers, they're taking a big risk - the snapping like turtles, the snipping, the gossiping, and back-bitting ("he doesn't like you..loser!"). Then of course her co-workers take a crack at me to see if I like THEM. Of course not, heh, they had kids and one of was married for Christ's sakes too. Low end women.

But anyway, the getting close to you, touching you tenderly, smiling, laughing at all your utterances. It's important to know the top 5.