I need real ADVICE on what to do. no jokes


Don Juan
Dec 25, 2014
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Now you’re a p...y into her eyes, playing p...y games. No offense


Master Don Juan
Aug 22, 2017
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***Please read before giving me yout input**


March 6th she texts me out the blue with "Hey". (It shocked me she unblocked me and texted me) I decided not to reply back. 2 hours pass she texts again " I was going to say we can get up tonight but nevermind", i still decided not to reply until the next day (March 7th).

March 7th i sent her a texted around 2pm today. I said " What time are you going to be free" and guess what? My number was BLOCKED AGAIN!. So i grab my friend's phone, not chasing but to really see what **** is her problem lol, and called her, she answered and i asked her "Yo , why you keep blockin my number"..i said it in a non chalant way ..it was quiet for some seconds and she said " Im about to unblock you"...she said it in a way as if she had no problem doing it..i said cool and i ended the convo. 1 min later i get a text saying " Hii" ( it was a text from her showing that she ublocked me), i texted her right back and followed up from her texts from the night before and asked her what time will she be free, she texted back 40 min later with "Tonight", I never texted back and decided ill just hit her up later.

4 hours passed and i texted her asking her where she was at, no reply. An hour passed and still no reply.

Before, i probally would have went to her door but i said forget it.

So im at home , i see she ended up opening the text but didn't reply , 15 min later, i see she was "Live" on her page..and guess what...she was at the house..saying she was BORED and basically got on LIVE to fill time talking to random people. She then said something to her viewers about her homegirl suppose to be coming to pick her up, then later got off.

She didnt know i was in her live, i was just " Scoping", I wasnt stalking just was thrown off because i didnt get a reply back

She texted me back 6 hours later that night at12am. with " Wyd" i didnt see it until i woke up yesteray morning. i havent texted her back. I really dont know what to do right now.

What you think is goin on? This **** is confusing
she makes fun of you with her other dumb friend


Master Don Juan
Nov 23, 2014
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USA, Louisiana
When a chick reaches out to you, she is expecting you to do something... when you don't do something, then she will assume you are just game playing or are not interested, because that is what a chick would do. You are not acting like a man. When you open and read a text from a chick then take the 30 seconds to ask her out. Opening and reading a text... then waiting 4 hours to respond is weak behavior, she likely knows you read her text and now she thinks you are game playing. Never play emotional games with chicks because that is their game and they are much better at it that the average man.

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Don Juan
Sep 11, 2018
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Walk away, and MEAN it. No texting her, ever. If for some miracle reason she reaches out again, arrange a time to see her, but on YOUR terms only. This doesn't mean invite her to your house, necessarily, but make it be on your time, your schedule, and when/where you want it to be. Anything else and she's out (which she actually is, already).