I didn't crash and burn like she planned


Senior Don Juan
Jul 5, 2015
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When my friends show me pictures of the ex I laugh she has truly gone the opposite direction, what I remember her what she used to be to what she has become today. She's 33 years old and pretty much done, ya she's a BPD so she doesn't have any real value anyhow. She once was a HB8-9, the guy she's with is 15 years older stands 5'6 tall and gray hair. Such a vindictive b*tch karma came around and got her good as she ages she's not going to get any better.

I'm a true believer in healthy living, living a stress free lifestyle, do what you want when you want, have some freedom in your life. Never let a woman control your life, never stay in toxic relationships. My buddy just got out of semi toxic marriage its been 6 months and I see changes in him for the better he's happy his health is improving.

I look in the mirror today I see the guy I was back in my mid 30s, I've rolled back the years living a healthier lifestyle I know women really doubt my age I've been testing it in the last while interacting with 20 year old women. They think I'm in my 30s I can chat them up and they have no problems, summer time is here university students are back home working summer jobs. I'm not going to go as far is lay any of these women its just going to cause problems, but its nice to have the power to chat up 20 year olds and they don't feel creeped out. Its fun to do it, just like it was when I was actually in my mid 30s.
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