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How watching tv has become a pain


Don Juan
Nov 20, 2019
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This is my first official post.

I discovered sosuave like most.. While trying to make sense of my breakup.

My ex and i broke up in August. At the time it blindsided me but as i have moved away from it i totally understand why.

I was raised in a beta home by women that taught me to always play it safe. Dad was around by now that i have done research in the red pill i see how he went from an alpha to a domesticated beta. So most of my life i went about relationships completely wrong.

Anyway i met voldemort at my former job. She is a solid 7-8 but when she really cleaned up she could be a 10. I was a lovesick puppy from the jump. I took the classic get close as a friend route. It worked about 2 months into us knowing each other.

Fast forward a year i purpose. I truly wanted to give her the world. I see how that was the beginning of the end. I gave up my balls and that was one of the main reasons she walked away. She knew she had me and for a woman i have learned certainty is a bad thing.

Anyway, its post breakup and I'm searching for answers. At this point i want reconciliation. The turning point came when i got a suggestion to view a video about the red pill. I watched it.. Then watched another. That is when i found out about "the rational male." My mind was blown. At the same time i had so many "ah ha" moments it's crazy. Like he says early on... Most men know this stuff it just doesn't click until they are driven to see the world in a different light.

I say that to say this: tv sucks now. I can't turn it off. I see these shows and ads and think.... This is why most men can't or don't behave the way they should. We aren't viewed as the prize. Hell we are barely even seen as a participation trophy. It's sad. But it's life. A life i no longer will actively partake in.


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