How to Talk to a Woman You Like (15 Simple "Tips")


Don Juan
Apr 8, 2014
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I notice that most guys don't know how to keep a conversation going with girls they like, or have a conversation in a way that builds an emotional connection.

In fact, most guys bore women silly, or act nervous and shy around girls they like that they end up being boring and insecure.

But women expect a man to LEAD the conversation in a way that brings out her fun, playful, and sexual side... without being a "creep."

Every woman desires a man that can make her laugh, while also making her feel safe and secure around her.

The secret to attracting a beautiful woman is all about having a conversation in a way that makes her feel she's having SO much fun and enjoyment when around you, while also letting the sexual tension build slowly, and then being bold enough to make your move ('go in for the kiss') at the moment she expects it to be.

Alright, so do you wanna know what type of conversation topics that lead to fun, playful, and flirtatious banter with women?

15 "tips" to talk to women:

1. Tease her.

One of the best ways to make an interaction "fun and sexy" is to start teasing her. Think back when you were a 6-year-old kid playing with your secret crush at the playground. You see what worked on the playground works again in the world of dating and seduction...

2. Focus on the fun, not on being funny

Women want to be with men who let them have "fun." So, focus on giving them the most enjoyment and excitement, and stop with memorizing the funniest jokes only your male friends find funny.

3. Pay attention to the non-verbals.

If you're accidentally spitting when you talk, or invading her private place, or making her feel uncomfortable in any way... she'll give you cues. So, pay attention to these cues and correct your behaviour.

4. Talk about "emotional topics" such as her passions, her future ambitions, or her childhood memories. These conversation starters will build up her emotional state, making it easier for you to connect with her on an emotional level.

5. Take control of the conversation.

Women love a guy who leads them. So, when talking to a woman, make sure to be in charge of the conversation, almost all the time. This also means never waiting for her to tell you what you'll be talking about next.

6. Use "cold reads" to turn her on.

Women absolutely love to hear opinions about themselves. So, do her a favour. Tell her what you notice about her by using things like "cold reads."

7. Make statements over questions.

Rather than saying "do you often come here?" say "you seem to be the kind of a girl who goes to bars and clubs almost every day of the week." This lets you make random observations about her and also display your personality.

8. Show your personality.

Talk about ANYTHING you like talking about -- your hobbies, interests, passions, etc.

9. AVOID overcomplimenting a woman.

Women HATE men who come across as "try hard" and "needy." So, if you're complimenting her too much too soon then she'll get a sense you're trying to impress her, and you don't know any other way to captivate her attention, which will only have the opposite effect. She'll immediately place you in the dreaded "friend zone."

10. AVOID "interview mode" conversations.

If you don't want to bore a woman silly, avoid asking her too many "interview" style questions. Rather, share your opinions, viewpoints, and ideas about things, people, and places.

11. Get intimate with her.

Women are aroused by men who are not afraid to take a conversation to a much more personal, sexual level.

12. Use conversation "games" to keep the interaction light, fun, and flirty.

You can play any games like "rock, paper, scissors," or "mouse race", or "truth or dare", or "5-questions game"...

13. NEVER compliment on her looks, eyes, or body.

Instead, make your compliments about her personality, or her sense of taste or style.

14. Say something that lets her know you see her in a "sexual" way.

If you don't you run the risk of ending up in the dreaded "friend zone."

15. Keep her guessing. Don't let her know your intentions right away.

Women go CRAZY over men who are mysterious, challenge, and fun. If you want to keep a woman's interest for a very long time, then you must do your best to make her feel like she's slowly winning you over, because you're the "prize." On the other hand, if she thinks you're too easy... her interest level will drop quickly and she'll look for another dude who seems more challenge.

Stay chilled,


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