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How to Manage my harem


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Aug 21, 2005
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So I have just recently been able to pull off a MLTR with two females, I don't know why it took me so long to realize that being brutally honest with girls through clever sub communication, while at the same time not making them feel like a *****, Along with good sex. is pretty much the key.

I mean its almost like a abundance of confidence has over taken me, Its really addicting and a great feeling to truly have option for intimacy, Not only that but the girls actually try harder. I was exclusive with a girl for 4 years she never cooked for me lived at my apt without paying a dime and never cleaned the house. I literally woke up this morning butt as naked after an amazing time with one of the girls to her cleaning my kitchen and making me breakfast. After wards she tells me to not make any plans with any other girls for next Friday cause I am all hers. after she left I have another girl txt me that she wants to cook for me on monday and if I'm available. And i have a day 2 set up with a great looking blond for next Saturday.

Since I am fairly new to this, and I know that the girls may ask me to be exclusive, or ask questions like what i did last weekend. Should I Even Be friends with these girls on facebook or what. Is there anyone on these boards who may have some advice for me. Btw these girls are 21-23 anything helps thanks

Greasy Pig

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Dec 22, 2009
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No Facebook. Spin your plates and just hope that never the twain shall meet.
Just say you went out with friends or went to the gym or something you know you can get away with.
You've got exactly the right mindset. Give them the time of their lives, don't make them feel like slvts and then be gone.
Just keep them at arm's length and keep spinning in a free world.


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Apr 11, 2013
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frisco said:
I don't know why it took me so long to realize that being brutally honest with girls through clever sub communication, while at the same time not making them feel like a *****, Along with good sex. is pretty much the key.
Keep doing this^^^. Has your sub communication communicated that you're seeing more than one of them?

Greasy gave some good advice, except I have a different philosophy when it comes to dating multiple women.

As long as you haven't told them that you're exclusive with them, they might be assuming you're seeing someone else already. Which may actually be adding to the attractiveness, and the competition to win you over.

Lying to say that you're not, could only cause problems down the road, or it will, keeping up that charade can only last so long. Would you rather be dating two chicks who think they're exclusive with you? Or would you rather be dating two chicks who know you're dating other women?

I like the smooth, good night sleep road myself.

If they ask where you were, just say you were out and don't give details. They have a feeling already, so if they pry, then tell them, and stand your ground. You may have to deal with some temporary $hit, but it can be handled. It's better than them finding out the other way, IMO.

Women would rather share an Alpha, than have a beta all to themselves.
This^^^is a good quote. I don't know who originally said it, but I believe in it wholeheartedly.


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Apr 17, 2013
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Good advice in this thread gentlemen.

I tend to also do what Peaks&Valleys does....BUT the key like he said.....is "to let her pry". You cant just come out and tell her you are dating other women out of the blue....I know a lot of guys thinks this "communicates high value".....but they fail to recognize its overt communication....also communicate covertly, like you have been doing. "Bragging" to impress a woman leads to disaster.

When she asks:

HB: Are you dating other girls
frisco: God no....im scared of girls....

*90% dont answer, be vague, make a joke, etc.

When she really starts to push you will eventually have to give a real answer:

HB: Are you dating other girls
frisco: Nobody serious
HB: What do you mean?
frisco: ive had some bad experiences....it takes me longer to fully trust a girl.

*Accomplishes two things. 1.) Makes her work harder, because she yearns to be "that trusted girl". 2.) Shes probably going to ask to be exclusive soon. Her reaction is good for screening.

Keep doing your thing man. Good work so far.