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How to get girls approaching you in bars.

7onriverI f

Jan 31, 2020
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Wear plain white, black or navy blue shirts. Wear blue jeans. Brown dress boots or shoes are nice. Although I've picked up multiple times in blue sneakers with navy blue dress shirt because of plain comfort. It still looks good though.

If you have a hairy chest show it off. Button Dress shirts are good for that. Girls will try and touch your hair and pull of your shirt. And the odd gay too. If you got shaven chest wear t-shirt or dress doesn't matter. But you won't have girls or gays touching your chest hair. Field tested over months of going out with both.

If you can grow beard go ahead. I grow beard now and never shaving again. Some girls claim they don't like it. Even block you on online dating if you message them. Real life some girls probably won't want you to come near them unless you shave. Some girls who have seen you with shaven face will say you need a shave. Field tested. Doesn't make a whole lot of difference. Also with beard girls will touch your face. Some grab your face and look you in the eyes. Bigger beards get girls touching it more. It's not like every girl is doing it. It's probably 2-3 girls on a night out over 3-4 hours.

Have some money. Girls will ask you to buy them a drink. They often get you a drink first sometimes. Some don't ask you at all for drinks however. Field tested again.

Going out alone in my experience gets better results. Even going out with guys who have banged 100s of girls. They steal you sets and perhaps are too much. A lot of girls don't like some of these guys and you end up babysitting them when they get drunk and piss of the girl bartender or the bouncer has it in for them. Other nights they are great to be with it just depends on peoples personality's. Alpha bull crap. enough with that.

Smell decent. Had guys who girls told them they stink when out. I've never had it happen to me but seen it happen. So get the sorted unless you know how to turn turning smelly into fun which i have done when i farted. Other times however the girl didn't like it but the girl wasn't into me anyways.

At club or bar.

Ok you got your dress on, smell on, money on, your in line at the club and the bouncer lets you in. Ok walk into the bar/club. Place yourself somewhere in the room preferably near girls. And focus on each breathe your performing. Feel your hands and your feet. You probably have to do this for a few mins until someone approaches you. Look them direct in the eye. If its a guy he might ask if you got drugs. If its a girl she might look you in the eye and start giggling and ask if you have any emotions at all. Just treat everything as a joke but don't actually be affected by it as such. Usually these people leave and come back later asking you questions perhaps.

Ok your in the bar club its time to head to the dancefloor. Just stand on the dancefloor and do some stupid dances but be concious with your movement. Actually feel your hand moving through the air as you fist pump if you do that. While doing this still focus on your breathe. look around the room with conscious movement of your eyes. You might have to do this **** for 10 mins or less until a girl comes approaches you. The time doesn't really matter to me and I don't know how long it is until a girl comes up. But they do.

Some girls will put their ass on your dik and grind with you. Some will walk up to you and tell you that they love you. Some will touch your face. Some will grab you hand to dance with you. You can kiss them perhaps if it feels right.

If you ain't getting girls approaching you in bars from following this advice then theres no girls in the bar and you might as well be at home. Go to busier bar/clubs preferred.