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How to develop attraction?


Don Juan
Nov 29, 2021
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Hello guys,
I do work from home & only go to the gym. How do I attract girls in the gym?
there's one prettier girl in the gym, I tried to talk to her & conversion was one sided
I asked her questions & she replied & didn't even ask my name
the second time I try to talk to her casually & she did reply formally
I mean I even felt like I was chasing her, so today I didn't talk to her or her friend

So back to my original questions How do I develop attraction ? So that girls come to talk to me or at least when I approach them they should reply back

any book or video will be really appreciate to further learn the game


Master Don Juan
Aug 31, 2018
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I guess the obvious answer is 'attraction material' as PUA's would put it. All of the things that they claim forces attraction, which change depending on which 'expert' you are learning from.

So London day gamers would advise you to be making lots of cold reads about her and teasing her. This is how they say game should look and how you build attraction
Mysterymethod would instead advise you to be negging her and telling stories about yourself that make you sound like you are a leader of men who all the girls want (DHV stories). Be 'indirect'
Mode1 direct gamers would say the opposite and that you need to be telling her all the sexual **** you want to do with her off the bat, and make it super super direct
Ross jefferies and NLP guys would advise that you need to be speaking in a certain way as to influnce her and hijack her brain like 'It's amazing when you are working out and you FEEL the endorphin rush. It's a bit like when you meet a new person (point at yourself). Everything seems possible. There's an excitement there....and......over time.....this feeling grows. It's like when YOU ARE ATTRACTED. TO ME, working out feels like that'' (I felt sick writing that example. spot the 'you are attracted to me' in capital letters known as an embedded command lol)

Now, the community has MOSTLY moved on from the idea that game is some sort of magic and you can seduce who you want. It's just marketing. Nobody is doing that. I promise!!! Most nowadays think of game as social skills and flirting, and leading the girls who are somewhat attracted to you, to sex, smoothly. Not MAKING a girl who isn't attracted to you want to bang you.

Maybe doesn't answer your question, but i'd advise to try to flirt a little bit more and you'll probably get your answer fairly soon. If she's not receptive at all, then i'd say, even with the best 'game' on planet earth, it's just not gonna happen with this particular girl

as for material, again it's fairly personal. I'd advise to watch some vids from 'Vadim' from 'honest signals' on youtube