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How to deal with a crazy woman?


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May 31, 2023
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Just went there, but they cant do much if I dont have her address and complete name. But they made a document of social defense. Btw this is how works in Brazil.

They also said that if she made any false accusation, she must have evidences, otherwise she will be in trouble with justice.

So basically, if she kept stalking me I have to find a way to find her address and complete name, then I can use that document to go back there. With that in hands she will be called to explain herself in the police.
It's good that you've already reported this woman.

But, for her, 'evidence' is easy. She can turn up at a police station with a few cuts and bruises and say you did it, and get one of her nutty friends to back her up. Trust me, it happens. She can also buy a burner phone and send text messages to her own phone and claim it was you.

There's not a lot you can do about this other than being aware and being ready to defend yourself. Keep evidence, make notes and inform friends, family and trusted others about this woman's behaviour. If nothing further happens, fine. Just be prepared to defend yourself.
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Jul 12, 2004
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I need some guidance on how to deal with this situation.

I know this woman is literally crazy, on a level I've never met before.

I'm getting paranoid that she could show up here at any moment, or even send someone to do something with me. I know I made a big mistake bringing her here to my apartment before getting to know her better, and God, how I regret it.

If anyone has been through this and can help me.

What I'm doing at the moment is just blocking these numbers and staying silent. If she comes to my door and starts blackmailing me, I will call the police. But I don't know if I should file a complaint immediately or wait to see if she comes back here again.
OP, I just went thru it myself for the first time. We have similarities in this.. I met her in person through friends, took her on a date, brought her back to my apartment, but I didn't smash like you. She said she couldn't and that's when I discovered her laundry list of drama. She was 33 at the time, was recently out of an abusive relationship of seven years and resorted to drinking and hard drugs daily, she self-diagnosed herself with dissociative identity disorder and PTSD (WTF?), yada yada yada. I also let her know hey, this probably won't get too serious as I had just started the disability process and was in and out of the hospital for operations and what not. Her clock was ticking louder and louder and she wasn't giving up.

Christmas 2022 was shortly after our date, then my birthday after that. I responded to the birthday text. Then went to a friend's New Year's Eve party and he said invite her to the family party he was hosting. She said she couldn't be around alcohol and drugs so I ghosted her because that was not the kind of party we held LOL... Three days later she sent some desperate texts asking "so should we plan to meet up again???" I stayed silent but she kept blowing up my phone that day. I gave in and shouldn't have but made up some stuff about going into some surgeries, which I didn't have any in January '23. She texted again and I truly went ghost. There were five times she did drive-bys of my apartment (that I witnessed). She never came up to my apartment, and I don't know how many times she drove by when I wasn't home, as my apartments had no cameras and I never bought one for my door, just the inside. I let someone know living below me, a friend from med school, a friend who ran a tackle shop I frequented, and a family member.

I never deleted any texts she sent. I always slept with my pistol, Ka-bar knife, and a flashlight on my bedstand. I always kept a golf club in my car in case I wasn't carrying my gun on me for whatever reason. I blocked her number, but she randomly texted me at 3:45 one morning in April. I kept the text but didn't respond. Silence and distance is key. I moved out of that apartment and city in July and moved a few hours away. She finally gave up. Since I was able to recuperate some money, I have since bought a dashcam for my truck and a bodycam (I haven't used in a while), in the past month I got a new phone and number, have hired a private company to wipe my online info from data brokers, deleted whatever remaining social media accounts I had-----but all of these things I've done for other reasons, because she's an afterthought now.

Don't respond to her, no matter how pressing or concerned she comes off. It also helped that I didn't dlck down crazy, and the fact that she knew I carried a gun. In your case, keep the apartment manager and police informed. And always have situational awareness when you go out in public.


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Apr 6, 2018
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Updating this post:

After I went to police. One week after that she just started to date another guy and started to post photos with him haha.

My friend had her on Instagram and told me. So after that she completely stop to chase me and it seems she blocked me on whatsapp.

I was never so happy to have that kind of news. Now she have another guy to chase and freak his mind.

I wish she marry that guy.