How to be sexual without being that nasty guy


Don Juan
Apr 3, 2007
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Uh, if you're too afraid of coming off as "nasty" around woman then maybe you shouldn't try being "sexual". You need to not give a ****. Girls will like the dirtyness, as long as it's appropriate at the right time and place. You should know that ****, it's common sense. I was talking to dirty to a girl, I got called "A nasty" and "weirdo" repeatedly. It didn't stop her from touching me.. infact she just gave me more fuel to burn my fire. Haha. Unless you say something really rediculous or rude, you can say just about anything. Just don't make it stupid.. it's an art, kind of like kino. You slowly learn when/where the best time to do this kind of stuff is and what to say and not say.