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How is your money doing this year?


Master Don Juan
Jun 2, 2012
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Yeah I'm doing fee-based. I think I've got a pretty good advisor. I feel more confident letting them roll with it and me just sort of managing.
Have you checked his own asset to see how good he is with his money ?


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Master Don Juan
Jan 14, 2018
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Somewhere where's it's none of your business
Only play the stock market with money you could afford to lose.

Don't even think about gambling with ur life savings - you cannot control nor directly influence stock prices unless you have influential power or billions.

If you're playing with 10k then might as well just open a small business as a means for side income.

Go buy a few used pool tables, get ur hands dirty, change the felt and paint it up - approach a few bars, karaoke joints etc and offer them the pool with profit sharing 50:50 or even 40:60

You'd be easily earning money daily.