How do women look at you?

For the most part, how do women walking alone & ages 20 - 35 look at you?

  • Mostly they confidently avoid eye contact, look the other way!

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  • Mostly they avoid eye contact in a shy and nervous way!

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  • Most they welcome eye contact!

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Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2011
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I know that in western world people don't walk on the street often, but over here it's a common everyday thing to walk in the city on the street. If that's the case, substitute your lack of street walking experience :p with other places you usually come across with women, like a grocery store, a mall, or a shopping plaza.

When you walk down a street and observe women walking towards you, how do they look at you? Now here is a kicker, there are women age groups, arbitrary let's say bellow age 18 and above age 40, those women know for sure chances of them being approached are slim, so the speak, so their reactions do not count in this survey. We are interested in women within active sexual market range, already is not a teenager, and not yet hit that wall. Also, we are not going take reactions of women in a group of two or more, since they usually are more playful under that group safety umbrella.

Do they confidently brake eye contact with you and look the other way after taking a glance at you? This would mean she don't like you or is not interested for whatever reason.

Do they avoid eye contact with you in a shy and nervous kind of way? This would indicate she is intimidate by you and most probably likes you, as far as initial attraction goes.

Do they confidently welcome eye contact? This would indicate she likes you and is not intimidated by you.
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Master Don Juan
Jan 14, 2018
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Somewhere where's it's none of your business
Whilst walking, when a woman keeps prolonged eye contact with me I'll give her a wink 1st followed by a smirk and continue towards my destination.

Their facial reaction is amusing, from happy, blushing, hopeful, shocked and sometimes turning around trying to engage me.

But most women would shyly look down when they're realised they're spend too much time staring back at me, being total strangers and all.