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Hoping Hannibal season 4 doesn't get f*cked by identity culture.

oOh Nasty

Master Don Juan
Apr 23, 2002
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Enjoyed the current 3 seasons thoroughly. M@ds is Alpha as usual. He really made the show.

Aside from that, the writing is just incredibly good and the characters all felt very natural.

Was watching some cast and production team re-uniting zoom thingy on YT and it was pretty enjoyable. Everyone was funny, lighthearted, down-to-earth, witty and humorous and it got me excited because they made it really sound as if a season 4 is actually going to happen.

Unfortunately, around the 1 hour mark, the host of the show started her "fan questions" segment. I don't want to link it here as to not draw attention and trigger any fans - you can search it up on YT. It was uploaded about a week ago from today. I've pretty much given up on Netflix or any other mainstream streaming garbage because of obvious "we need to have every single identity represented from the As to the Zs" movies so when I stumbled upon this particular TV show, it was a shining ray of hope for modern western entertainment that I can watch.

Just from watching how the main host talked, I had my suspicions that there would be a segment aimed towards expressing some kind of new age PC crap that has absolutely nothing to do with the Hannibal franchise. But, I gave her the benefit of the doubt because there's also a chance that she'll just be normal and talk about the show and steer the discussion towards the crew's experience and their expectations and excitements for a new season.

Bromance. I get it. Some people want to fetishize that there is some kind of homosexual thing going on between our two main leads. Each viewer can make interpretations however they want. That's how good the writing is. It was so subtle and done so well in a way that doesn't blatantly and concretely say anything about sexuality between them. But of course, you've got people who ask serious questions about whether they will explore the possibility of our leads being actually legit homo for each other and making it apparent in the next season. This kind of thinking and questions I can forgive. You see, I'm in the music industry now and constantly read about obsessed fans who actually think that they will end up marrying their idol artists. In my mind, this is just the TV show version of that type of wishful thinking.

M@ds answers the question very well by saying that Hannibal loves anything that is beautiful. Whether it be food, music, people, etc. Will happens to be one of those beautiful things. And he ended by saying that it doesn't mean anything sexual at all. Point expressed. Well done. I figured I'll keep the video on since it wasn't too bad and maybe they can hop right back onto talking about the show.

But then, the next set of questions started talking about representation of pansexuals, asexuals, and anything that has to do with gender fluidness. I stomached it for a bit because Hannibal is really a great show for me. The producer (or director?) was giving some pretty safe general answers saying things like "oh yeah, I'm definitely interested in exploring having characters who are ____sexual blah blah blah." I was banking on the fact that he was just feigning being an SJW for the sake of his show's success.

Was he? Who knows. I grabbed my XBOX controller and switched to a different video at that point.


Master Don Juan
Mar 13, 2008
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I started watching this because of you.

Thanks, it's great