Hook up testing me?


Don Juan
Jan 15, 2014
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Matched with a girl on Tinder a few weeks ago, threw it all out on the table, said I was DTF.

Comes over to my place drunk, we hook up and then again in the morning.

Last week hooked up Wed & Thursday night, then had her kids so she couldn't.

Snaps me this morning says that she needed coffee, and I jokingly said I'd bring her some, and wanted her address, tells me her address.

Ends up having lunch with her mom and then comes over to my place and has coffee, we make out for a bit but she's like 50/50 not entirely in the mood (tired/puesdo hungoverish) rather wants to talk. Ends up telling me about the guys that have been blowing her up on Snapchat and some awkward things, I brush it off and listen. She decides she wants to go and end up walking her out, hop into the elevator and she leans over and kisses me, then pulls away, I grab her butt and pinch it.

So we leave it at that, but I'm curious if she's withholding sex because she was testing my reaction to see if I was going to be clingy or act childish about it, and same way with the snapchat stuff, to see if I was gonna get jealous. I've told her that I've been with other girls too and recently had someone over the last week.


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Jun 9, 2019
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sounds like you're looking for permission rather than taking charge. she comes over to your place, basically giving herself to you on a silver platter. if you don't have the balls and attraction to tease her, get her hot, and **** her, then you're either insecure about yourself or deep down not attracted to her and think you can do better. or worst of all you like her more than she likes you(kinda sounds like it). either way get on your grind and forget about this chick. if she calls you invite her over, but only if you're going to make moves and follow through. not worth your time to be serving her coffee and being her therapist, much less delivering her coffee wtf. don't even joke about that ****. if you want to **** a girl she comes over to your place, you don't go to hers.