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High Interest Vs Low Interest


Jan 17, 2020
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A little refresher Course on High/Low interest for the New people that have joined this forum.

High Interest: She replies fast with meaningful responses
Low interest: she replies late or gives one worded answers

High interest: She gives detailed answers and asks questions back
Low Interest: she gives a plain and boring answer, will not ask anything back

High interest: She makes time to see you
Low Interest: She happen to be "Busy"

High interest: Positive body language, toes pointed towards you
Low interest: negative body language, facing away from you and looks like she is about to leave

High interest: She Quickly opens up
Low Interest: She makes you wait or jump through hoops

Never fully expect women to be very straightforward with their interest. They may be forward with expressing how they feel on occasions, but always focus on how a woman communicates to understand her, instead of what she’s communicating.