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Hair Systems


Don Juan
Jan 28, 2013
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North Bergen, NJ
For all you thinning/bald guys out there I'm curious what your take on them are. Of course I'm not talking about circa 1980's hairpieces here but instead the modern day hair "systems" that look completely realistic that actors also wear for appearances. You may have seen videos on YouTube occasionally. The ones that are bonded to your scalp and you redo once every 2 weeks or so. Curious if anyone has ever tried one and if you think its ever worth trying. A lot of them if done right look amazing and completely undetectable.


Don Juan
Jul 19, 2019
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I'd probably do it if my hair gets past a certain point, tbh.
I'm not handsome enough facially to be able to 'pull off' a bald head like Jeremy Meeks or freddie ljungberg or Statham or any other good looking bald people I can think of lol.
I'm receding though and am looking to get a hair transplant next year,hopefully

Hair systems are pretty impressive now, tbh. They're more or less visually undetectable. You can swim in them etc etc.
Some hassle at first as you get used to cutting it in and cleaning them etc.
Also not exactly 'cheap', but not super expensive either.

I'd feel weird about wearing one, but the stigma is going away as more young people (youtubers etc) are wearing them etc.

Last resort though, tbh!


Senior Don Juan
Dec 24, 2006
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You can get them made so they are already short enough to where instead of going to a salon for the whole big cut in you can just make a trip to your barber for a blend in type cut.

To the OP, yes I have seen them and all the tutorials and yes they are amazing these days. Would certainly boost my confidence with my ever growing receding hairline and let me tell you i'm probably the last person on planet Earth that could pull off the bald head look. (tall/thin/lanky/larger than usual forehead in general/big nose, etc)

That being said the very harsh reality is that whether it looks 1000x better or not, most women would simply find the idea of their man/a man who wears one to be bizarre, extremely non-masculine, or downright shocking(not in a good way). Now if I did have a secure girlfriend who supported me through it 100% I'd probably consider it one day but to have that kind of conversation with a chick on a 4th or 5th date before we f-cked (so she doesn't grab on the damn thing and ruin the hairline), I just don't know how I could go through that kind of awkwardness. Maybe one day they will begin to become more accepted, but it probably won't be in our lifetime IMO.