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Great Weekend! (Field Report)


Don Juan
Dec 1, 2010
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Hey guys, so I had a great weekend! Went to two concerts as well as two after parties. I had been in a bad mood the week before because of some stupid girl playing head games.

So you know what I did?

I went out with my best friends, HAD A BLAST, and approached some girls and got two phone numbers! One from an HB9 and another an 8.5

-The 9 is a short skinny blonde with a super nice butt and a great sense of fashion.
-The 8.5 is more on the curvy side, with an adorable face. But, she is dating an acquaintence of mine and I had no idea. Still got her number though just incase.. (The old "Don't sh1t where you eat" philosophy might have to factor in here.)

Both of these girls are MORE attractive, MORE interesting, and a hell of a lot more fun than this girl I've been talking to! And I am completely stoked haha!

I'll give you guys a summary of how things went..

I'm pretty sure the 9 was with a guy at the party we were at, but he seemed like a friend-zoned dude who was kind of dorky. I made some small talk with her after my band had played the house party we were at.

Me: Hey how's it going?
Her: I'm doing great, how about you?
Me: I'm doing excellent, so what did you think about that last band that played tonight?
Her: They were awesome! What did you think of them.
Me: I play in that band Hahaha
Her: (laughing)

Made some small talk about where the both of us are from, what we're doing with out lives etc.. for about 2 more minutes..

Me: Hey I have to run, we have to pack up our stuff and head to an after-party and play there. let's exchange numbers and we can keep this conversation going on another day.
Her: Ok sounds good! (Gives me her number)

I called her phone so she could save my number. She said she had left her phone in her car, so I figured she was just giving me some BS. I smiled and said goodbye

About 10 minutes later I get a phone call..

Her: Hey who is this
Me: It's ___ hahaha
Her: Oh that's right haha! I was a little confused.
Me: Yeah sounds like you were! Get with the program ___! I'll talk to you later.
Her: Bye!

Night 2

Went to a party with some friends after a concert. We were all getting a little drunk and just hanging out having a good time. I noticed this really cute girl give me eye contact so I initiated conversation with her and her two friends

Me: Hey how's it going? My name is ___ nice to meet you! (sorta sarcastically)
Her: Nice to meet you too! My name is ___

-friends tell me their names too.. We all start talking about school, work, and everyday BS. I wander away for a minute and talk to some friends, come back and the girl I went to approach is standing alone

Me: Well hello again ___ Where did all your friends go? Did ya scare them away?
Her: (Laughing) No no they all went down the street to grab something out of the car
Me: Oh word... Too bad they left you here all alone!
Her: (laughing again) So what brings you out here tonight?
Me: I came out here to hangout and catch up with some old friends, I wouldn't just walk into a stranger's house and start drinking a beer!

Some small talk about where she's from what she does, music, etc.. We're both maintaining eye contact the whole time. I maintain good "alpha" posture.

Me: Hey I'm kind of bored here, we're gonna go for a walk.. You're my tour guide. Show me around the area!

We walk around and talk more about silly stuff. She tells me about her childhood living in the woods of some country-ish rural town, how she loves hiking and outdoors stuff and I tell her about growing up in my city. I kino'd a bit, but it didn't seem to be working out. Then she brings up a dude she's dating.. She seems kinda nervous, but I can definitely tell I had raised her interest level since I began chatting with her.

We go back to the house, I tell her next time I'm in town I will give her a call (I probably won't be back to this place at all in the next year, but whatever). I am sort of aquaintences with the dude she's dating since we both play music, however I do not see the guy ever that much.. Maybe once every 2 months.

For this girl, if I decide to pursue... I will give her a call and say "Hey ____, I'm planning on hiking in your area this day next week. You were a great tour guide last time, so I figured I would make myself a regular customer!"

I felt like my game was completely top notch on night #2, If this girl was single I could've definitely pulled the kiss close.. Don't know about an F-close cause she didn't seem to be slvtty.


Master Don Juan
Feb 6, 2008
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East Coast USA
Good work.

If I were you I would have tried to get some sort of physicality going with the first girl...seems like you were strapped for time, but something is better than nothing. Keep us posted on her!


New Member
May 10, 2011
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"I made some small talk with her after my band had played the house party we were at."

That explains alot .. most people here dont play in any band...Simply girls are more interested to listen to you this way if you are "somebody" there other then just guest