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Got hired for first salaried job in a while


Master Don Juan
Oct 12, 2009
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I'm planning to pursue a job opportunity that is an salaried job for the first time since the early 00s. I'm not sure if I can handle the idea of showing up to work at a certain time, clocking in and out and all of that jazz. I'm not used to being monitored like that, but I understand this is what lots of people tend to do. Self-employment has not worked that well with me with too much income fluctuation and rising debt.

There is a work ethic in here and while I'm trying to get Unemployment Benefits and Social Assistance, and know I can get three weeks worth of work paid by Unemployment Insurance compared to having to work for four weeks to earn slightly more than I would get for free by the government (ie if that's approved).
My mother didn't like the idea of me bumming around and collecting EI (ie was laid off from a previous job and just wanted the EI).

It's likely if I didn't pursue social benefits I wouldn't feel as pressured to work, but it just feels wrong to refuse any decent job prospect, even if it's not an ideal or dream job. I mean you can still send out resumes while you are working (on the off time of course, and from home). Maybe I'll meet some women there. Definitely want to get away from this home as there are issues here too and it's a great escape from staying at home with my folks most of the time. They want me to go too.

How was your first 9-5 or salaried job like? Did you feel like monitored, or like Big Brother was watching you but in a corporate sort of way?