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Going out with a girl after breakup

Aug 4, 2013
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Im gonna go out with a girl I like. Ive known her for 9 years. She broke up with her boyfriend maybe a month ago. We dont go out for a date, we just go out to talk.
My question is, should I talk with her about their break up? Like what happened and so? Or its not suitable? Honestly Id like to at least hear from her mouth that she broke up with him, because I dont know it on 100 %. She just changed her profile from "in relationship" to "not in relationship" a month ago.
If I go out with her, I dont know what should I ask her, to make her say if she broke up with him or if theyre still together. I dont want to ask her that directly. And if she would say she broke up with him, should I talk about it with her or just say "Im sorry" and change topic?

But I have another little problem.

She sent me a mesage last week on Thursday, exactly week ago, that next week (this week), we can go for a walk. I immediately responded to that asking when she can, and saying when I can, so we can find a mutual free time. She hasnt responded to me yet, the message is not marked as "seen", but I saw her like few pictures on facebook and also when I check the "chat list", she appears as she was online 22 minutes ago. She probably just goes on facebook via phone , I dont know if that way the private messages are less visible or what, I dont understand why she hasnt responded to me yet, she said she wants to go out this week, so whats the problem?
It has been a week I sent her that message asking when she has time, yesterday I sent her a private message asking again, when she has time so I know how to arrange my week. She hasnt responded to it yet. When I look into that chat list in the right side, some people who are not online just go there via phone, there appears amount of minutes next to their name. I think it means how long ago the person was online. I looked at that and next to her name was 43 minutes, then later like 23 minutes ago..and I checked it yesterday and also today few times and if these numbers are true, she was online multiple times...but she hasnt responded yet, neither were my messages seen...

...I dont know what the f.ck is she trying to do, Ive never had any problem with her, we have always talked just fine, I even think she has been attracted to me long time, so I thought its good time to meet her now, when she is probably single, talk a little bit etc...but things are going exactly opposite how I planned...I have NO IDEA what shes doing right now...she was the one that proposed that we can go for a walk, like 3 months ago when we talked last time before this one... now she told me that we can go for a walk this week, she told me that a week ago, but hasnt responded to me when she has time..What the hell?!! Please help me, Im getting sick of this..I hate when people use facebook to ignore people, if I would talk to her face to face she couldnt do that..f.ck this ..
..what are your thoughts on this guys?


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Don Juan
May 10, 2012
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I will give you a tip, if on things like whatsapp you have notifications in the lock screen you can read messages without them having been "seen".



Senior Don Juan
Aug 30, 2012
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UH, you should take off your onesey and stop ****ing acting like it matters. Relax.