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Going into 30s. Give me old sage advice.


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Jan 10, 2014
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I'm 6'4", currently a little under 230 and been very fit/athletic just about my entire adult life. I'm 34 now and have found it impossible to land anything. You should seriously consider what I wrote and think deeply on this.
Your social circles and social status isnt strong enough then or your in an area that is too small

the rest is completely irrelevant doesn't matter how tall or jacked you are if you aren't in the right places you'll never meet enough women

You really really need to start making an effort to develop circles with others in their mid - late 20's and early 30's if you have to move to an area thats more socially active so be it

I would say for a single man in his 30's this is probably more important than a career

DO NOT be that guy in his 30's who's just aimlessly hanging around his hometown doing work/gym/sleep when everyone else is settled

it wont be easy but if you don't it will become ridiculously difficult to even find the right types of women outside of dating apps


Apr 26, 2006
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Northeast Florida, USA
- Don't believe something because THEY say so. Learn who THEY are & what "THEY's" motive might be. THEY are not usually on your side.
- Many people are only out to maximize their resources for the minimum amount work. Protect what you have, especially with women.
- Educate yourself on psychology and especially Cluster-B personality disorders. Tred carefully with them in women, work, etc.
- Educate yourself in some basic law. People will try to fvck you over and learn to spot it and stand up to them without a lawyer.
- Avoid or significantly minimize sugar and processed foods.
- Work hard at your job but don't let your employeer own you. If they take too much of your time & energy, eject and find another job.
- Build yourself more than one career if possible, so if you get bored with one you can jump into the other.
- When it comes to women, attention is your #1 currency. Learn when to give them attention, and when & how long to pull back.
- Do not engage in stressful arguments with irrational people. Just say "We will have to agree to disagree on that" & that's it.
- People will try to downplay your achievments to make their own miserable lives sound better. Don't take it personally.
- Verbal conversations mean nothing. The gentleman's handshake is a thing of the past. If it's important, it needs to be in WRITING.
- If you don't like where you are living, move. The area you live in can impact your life far more than you may ever think.
- Don't buy a house if you want to be able to move quickly. Don't assume you will make a profit when you do buy a house.
- A car payment is easiesr to budget than many repairs. Buy a new car, drive it until about 120k miles, and trade it in.
- Minimize your time on social media. Not only does it waste your time but the sh|t you post is never deleted & may bite you later.
- You have to take some risks sometimes. Own your mistakes & make the best of your successes.
- If you're fat, you can fix that. But if you're short, have a small d|ck, ugly, etc., there's little or nothing you can do; work w/ what ya got.
- Some people will always have it better than you, and some will always have it worse.
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