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Girlfriend just hang up on me..


Master Don Juan
Feb 20, 2009
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Mr_Schlong said:
Last time when we talked on the phone, she just hang up. She wanted to meet me the other day, but I told her I was busy. Everything was fine two minutes before, but right when I told her I couldn't meet she just hang up. Without saying anything.

This is the second time within two weeks she does this. Last time she did it, she called the next day and made excuses. I stayed cool and told her that was unacceptable.
Read the parts in bold. You did exactly the right thing. Keep it up.

She doesn't seem to be great exclusive LTR material, you should date a few other women. That will make her appreciate your time more.


Master Don Juan
Nov 14, 2008
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Captain's right. If a girl just hangs up on you like that, it's immature and disrespectful.

She certainly does not value you for your time, and takes you for granted.


Master Don Juan
Dec 11, 2008
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Let her know you don't waste your time on the phone with that immaturity and disrespect and she's going to end up losing phoning privileges for awhile if she lets it happen again.


Master Don Juan
Oct 11, 2005
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If you want to eliminate this problem for this relationship and any others you might have as well stop giving yourself headaches over women doing this do what Rollo Tomassi did for his current and only wife...

The story goes like this Rollo had a very disasterous relationship with some BPD slug who'd always hang up on him which he found to be very disrespectful and hurtful.

After that relationship ended he thought about how much that sort of behavior hurt for quite a while.

Then when he met a normal woman who would eventually become his wife they got into a little argument and she hung up on him.

Rollo remembering the pain of his last relationship and not wanting to perpetually relive and tolerate this particular level of disrespect let his soon to be wife know that if she ever hung up on him again they would be through and he made it clear he was deadly serious about this.

She never hung up on him again and they've had about 11 or 12 years of a succesful marriage to this date.

Now this doesn't mean if you do this you will necessarily have the same relationship success as Rollo but what it does mean is that if you stand up like a man you will always get what you want out of women.

That means when one woman makes it clear she is not going to behave towards you how you would like her to you don't whine at her, you don't try to control her, rather you let her know she has one chance only to change her behavior and if she doesn't you will control yourself and walk permaneantly out of her life.

Men who know their own value do not entertain long needless frustrating scenarios over one particular chick when there are millions out there who will give you what you want when your current woman turns into or reveals herself to be a lemon.


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May 15, 2009
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"the manipulated man" by Esther Vilar

KontrollerX, I couldn't figure out how to PM you about "the manipulated man," but Vilar's polemic is a great subject for the discussion forum. I began yesterday morning and I’m now already moving on to Greene. Despite so many of my achievements that are in part accredited to this website, I still wondered why holes in my persona continued to exist and why certain pursuits always rendered inadequate.

We are slaves and victims, and we have every right to be free men. The most important messages that I received in the last 24 hours have removed a load of guilt. Time and further inquiry will set me free, and I feel the veil has just begun to lift.

I recommend this novel to many of you. It may clear some of the doubt in your lives. If anyone would like to discuss the novel, I'd like to hear earnest discourse or opinion. I'm sure by the time that I check replies, my awe will have settled and I won't be speaking in a capricious fervor.