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Girl with a car


Don Juan
Aug 11, 2004
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Real World
guyz, what if your girl have a car and your only have a motorbike.
This is not comportable with me, its like my ego is going down.
What should i do? She may not ride with my bike again, does she?


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Master Don Juan
May 20, 2001
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New Jersey
Well she knows that you only have a motorbike right?

Why do you say that she may never ride on your bike again? She probably wouldn't you showed that you can't handle the hog.

Francisco d'Anconia

Master Don Juan
Jul 10, 2003
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Galt's Gulch
I wouldn't mind at all. Actually, I drive so often PLUS in all of my LTRs I've always played the chauffeur role. Now since I'm back in the market it's a thrill for me when a woman offers to drive on a date.

I also use it to my advantage. The woman is in control since she is behind the will so my personality doesn't overpower her (much). Since I don't need to focus on the road, I can be much more entertaining. I'll play with the seats, the radio, rummage through her glove box. It gives me a chance to see how she reacts, whether she thinks it's funny as hell or is pissed for me tampering with her personal space.

At the end of the date if all went well, the ride home is full of kino. My hand is at least on her hand or maybe even her knee. If she's receptive, I'll run my fingers through her hair and maybe even rub the back of her neck. If that goes well, it's the perfect in-road to offer her a nightcap and properly thank her for being my chauffeur.;)