Girl I like is more friendly when I ignore her. Anyone else ever do this?


Don Juan
Oct 15, 2017
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She knows I like her and was a bit shy around me at the start of the year. She got a new boyfriend before she found out. She was in a relationship a month before the new one and her friend said he was a rebound. That's all about her really.

She has always been flirty around me which is why I like her, we also get on well blah blah backstory blah blah blah. Checks me out frequently and looks away fast when I catch her giving me the "look", sometimes frequently a lot and maintains eye contact without smiling. Imitates my body language. You know the drill. Nothing new there.

So, basically she was shy when I gave her attention at the start of the year, she would be a bit submissive and look down a lot. We sometimes talked and she would laugh and when I texted her she would reply.

This week, I decided to ignore her but make it obvious. Look down when walking past her, what she used to do to me basically.

She began initiating conversations with me a lot more. She never did when I gave her attention. She would time her leaving the class until I was about to walk out and go ahead of me, turn around and start talking to me. She would smile when looking at me and this happened so often that we both began laughing.

So, anyone else ever do this and get some results?