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Getting too comfortable too fast


Master Don Juan
Dec 27, 2008
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Does anyone else struggle with this? I think I’ve messed my brain up by doing one night stands and short flings that when I meet a girl I REALLY like, I tend to become too available, find myself being too comfortable after the 5th date or so. Im not growing the relationship or her interest in me and it suddenly dies out even though she was into me in the beginning. Or maybe she had mild interest but she still had interest, I just have a hard time turning that mild interest into high interest or prolonged interest. It’s like I’m so calibrated to do everything right on the first couple of dates but after that I’m walking blind. This is a real sticking point in my game and with myself that I’ve reflected on a lot but have no clue how to fix it. This is the second time it’s happened in a couple years and it’s frustrating because I’m losing out on some great women I wanted to keep seeing. Im tired of random hookups and short flings and a couple dates with different girls every week, I want something more. That’s where my downfall begins, when I meet someone I really click with and fall for, I lose myself even though I know I shouldn’t. I get too comfortable and forget to grow her interest in me, I can’t make her feelings grow for me beyond a certain point and mine keep growing, I try too hard, I try to be too available. Basically I gotta figure out how to act around women I’m really into like I do with those I’m “meh” about.