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Gaethe vs Chandler Recap/MMA boxing sloppy


Master Don Juan
Nov 11, 2008
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I hate being that guy to criticize pro athletes but I have to this time. Who is Chandlers boxing coach? I wanted Chandler to win but he lacks fundamental boxing defense. The guy does not keep his hands up, drops his left hand when throwing with his right hand etc.

Gaethe's boxing is better but still not 100% fundamentally sound. He loads up from hip and telegraphs a lot. He also does not bring his feet with him when throwing punches. I now understand why pro boxers call MMA boxing sloppy. A prob boxer dismantle the average MMA guy.

Examples of good boxing is Rose Namajunas, Jose Aldo etc. Its just amazing to me how far people can get in the UFC with bad boxing fundamentals.