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Fun fact, what does OLD and online prn has in common?


Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2011
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You are going to laugh now.

I was watching computer chronicles on youtube(https://www.youtube.com/user/ComputerChroniclesYT), it's an old show which I haven't watched on TV when it come out, but now it is interesting to see first laptops, first pentiums, windows 95 and 98, nostalgia. Back then computers were white, and had a nice smell to them, and MS-DOS was magic. So anyway, this somehow led me to do a google search for 'first ever p*rn site' and guess what. Now comes the funny part.

Match.com was created by guy who registered first ever p*rn site, sex.com.

Here is the source https://11points.com/11-firsts-internet-history/

11points.com said:
10 | First Porn Website
It’s hard to prove definitively, but it’s believed that the first porn site was sex.com. It was registered in 1994 by a guy named Gary Kremen.

Yes, that rhymes with semen. However… Gary did not have pornographic intentions with sex.com. At least that’s what he says today.

A guy named Stephen M. Cohen, which rhymes with bone (and “moan”… and “sex, phone” and “she moves her body like a cyclone”), DID see the pornographic potential of the domain. So he contacted Network Solutions, which administrated all domain names back then, and fraudulently had the ownership of sex.com transferred to his name using a series of fake faxes and forged documents.

He quickly turned it into a thriving, profitable and dirty porn site.

Kremen was furious, and sued Cohen. After a long court battle, Kremen won a $65 million judgment and got the rights to sex.com back. Before he could get the money, though, Cohen fled to Mexico and moved his money to an offshore account. He was tracked down in 2005 and turned over to U.S. authorities.

Kremen sold sex.com for $12 million. In between fighting for sex.com, he had the time to found match.com. Which, I’d guess, has led to exponentially more actual sex than sex.com.